Call me by my second name
I suppose I'll still be the same
You didn't call back
On the phone did my voice sound alone?
I keep asking my people if they are ashamed

I met you in the summer you wrote me letters through November
And then over the winter we went on the road together.
I hate to think what you must think of me now
After two oh oh something when I kept my heart spread out.

But you too can be cruel
And I don't live in no cave
I just sleep in the dark like most people do
Why cant you?

And though I'd hate to think I'm just like everybody ellse
Sat me down at the Rock Star Bar
Said babe you're just as fucked up as the rest
Nobody should hang from a collar or the hem of a dress
Hungry woman do you cling to your pain?
Oh yes, oh yes.

If I pulled the wool over your eyes
I pulled it over mine too
Don't close your eyes while you sing
Don't you know people like me are watching you?
If your faith is strong but fleeting
You will be lonely for most of the time
Hey baby, pretty baby
Happy two thousand and nine

And though I've talked my fair share of trash
I haven't the stomach to be hated
While couples upstairs scream
How will you pay
When I choose to stay
I don't listen
I'm in debt up to my neck
Will you overhear me pray for love and for forgiveness?
That way we can always say there's a secret sweetness
Unspoken between us
When you got in the car for Toledo
I took off as fast as I could
Don't indulge me
Don't say baby one day maybe
You know it ain't no good

And you too can be cruel
We work in our caves
We live in the dark
And I know you do too, don't you?

How about an idle threat?
I'll corner you in the old folks home when I'm not quite dead yet
I'll kick back your wheelchair, kiss your wrinkled forehead
Hand you your last cigarette
How about an idle threat?
Baby I will get you yet.

Baby I'll make your live miserable if you don't make me your wife
Or I'll just float through space for the rest of my life.
No telescope, I'm gone
Call me Major Tom.
Let him go on dear loser
He's gonna catalogue your name
So what, you handed him your body
Stand triumphant in your shame
Make phone call after call
Say man, he didn't know me at all.

And anyway you'll only make your life miserable if you bring anyone home
Since you love only half-hearted
You'll always wake up alone
There was no true love tonight
When your distress made you say
This is alright I guess.
So when you touch her villainous body do you feel like a fake?
As you look at your lover and your lover looks away
With one shoulder to the wall she says
No that wasn't what I meant at all.

I know I'm crazy
I hear the kids outside play and say
Hey lady, hey you old lady
How would you like to pay?
You will someday.

I know I'm crazy
I hear the devil at my door
He's throwing bad cards to me saying
Honey would you like some more?
I know you've been down that road before
Honey would you like some more?
Yeah I know I've been down that road before
You know I would love some more.

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