Wake up at noon and what the hell’s in my bed?
I thought I called her a cab, I thought I cleaned up this mess
Keep my muscles confused at the gym all day
Grab a fistful of Frickles and a protein shake
Hit the tanning bed, no there ain’t no question
I always talk my way into a second session
Got my laundry, shower, body spray, open collar, bombs away
Gotta trim the lawn so the shorties can play, hey


People say I’m the man, yeah, I do what I can
and I’m not goin’ home alone
All the haters can hate and all the hearts can break
but I’m not goin’ home alone
It don’t get any better,
so just put your hands together
People say I’m the man, yeah, I do what I can
and I’m not goin’ home alone.

All up in the club, watchin’ out for grenades
I drink a Long Island, while they sippin’ Haterade
A shortie wants the business and her body is sick, later
on, I’ll text her back with a photo of my….
Break out my wife-beater, but I’d never beat my wife
‘Cause I’m single and I only hit dudes, “You wanna fight?” Not now, I’m
breakin’ it down, fist pump, dodge the hippo, booty hump
You creatures from the zoo can’t keep this hottie off my junk


Abs, lats, traps, go, bi’s and tri’s, no cardio
Chapstick, keep it real, I could have been a Navy SEAL
Lather, rinse, gel, stop, blow it back, Triceratops
Pants off, wax on, karate body, Daniel-San
SportsCenter, Buffalo wings, Platinum Plus go bling bling
Rock, rap, tech-no, Drakkar Noir, LMFAO
Cash, cash money, gonna make it rain, I can afford a big, gold chain
No coat in the winter ’cause I never feel pain, neurologist said I got a very big brain
Hit the club, drink Patron, party, party, party, party, camera phone
Throwin’ up signs, poutin’ my lips, tag me in the photo when you post that s***.
TTYL, I’m gon’ BRB, don’t forget to DVR my UFC,
There’s a hottie with the body, yeah, she wants what I got, so I drop my aviators and I do the robot


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