I'm like Bigfoot
Stomping thru your house again
Looking for eggs

Call me bigfoot, or call me monsterlegs
When I ring the fucking bell gimmme eggs
It's trick or treat every week for my knees
I need vitamins to keep 'em on my feet

Got a carton of eggs let me borrow that
When I'm done, you're not gonna want em back
I gotta process and digest the eggs
Process and digest, protein to progress

If you're gone fill a basket up and set it out
Or I'll bust a window, come and get the eggs out
You're weight watching, your fridge had a lock and
I ripped the door right off the hinges

And my eggs are not binges
My physique is stupendous
I'm like a camel, my gut full of muscle
And water. How you gonna question?

When I came through your house with big legs,
I left the refrigerator open. I'm sorry about that.
You can replace that food, it's not safe.

Yes! I need the oval chicken baby
Crack the liquid in my mouth, I'm lazy
I'm the sasquatch, mouth on a chicken crotch
Yelling give me another one

You never see me, people try to film me
Try to keep the camera still
Enhance the video, the tape is a mess
It looks like a 32 year old with baldness

I stay hidden, eggs do my bidding
Chickens get to picking legs get to kicking
I kicked a bird and the bird didn't notice
Birds don't give a fuck

Put all the birds in a factory
Put them in hell boxes
Fuck birds, fuck every bird
Give me your unborn bird children

Eggs are sterile, you can keep them unrefrigerated... Room temperature
eggs. They cook better, they eat better. You can crack them and just get
the liquid out and drink the liquid. They all look the same inside.
They all cook the same inside. Call me bigfoot.

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