Daytime, nighttime, moonlight, sunshine
Stars stay bright like a filament's first time
Lit, don't quit is the way to rehearse rhyme
Fly by night, and we do within the first line

[verse 1]
It's mine like obsessive-compulsive
Two of the parents of toddlers and they terrible twos
We takin' it back like one-two one shoes
While you abuse rap standards, we controllin' the news
Magnetic as des-hople impoccable tremendestance
We have some factory questions with various comments about
Hip hop and this that's, stay without
Seminar's at five
We suggest that you register
This whole B-Boy style is secular

[verse 2]
Away from anything, that's why they druggin' and sexin' you
into fatal poison, pleasure
We workin' on regular; have to heed to profess(?)
A position and technician, training instruments while incorporatin' this position
The defendant's remission requires some improvision
While the plaintiff's story is stetted, microphone read it
Every time we drop rhyme schism in this fundamentalist condition
We liable to change
Radical reform and strange places out the norm, brace it and back in growth
We hit 'em with the dope like Florida shores of hope

They get beat like cats that lack sleep
You need to adapt, you hear the D's on the track
Put it on wax
We act like none of that shit really matters 'cause it don't
And you won't make it happen
We steady rappin' and we keep it tight
Always rock the mic on sight and stay
Fly by night

Remove all doubt, we gon' turn it out
Take the wildest party girls and leave 'em all burned out
If you ever take my hand you better be ready to roll
Non-stop, take control, to every spot I patrol
You should know my goal is representation at its finest
We stay pure, you stay insecure like Linus

I'm in the position I've chosen to put your body in motion
And to let the party people know the time's approachin'
To make your choices, the night's young like the day is long
Most people pretend and they want you to play along
You know the vibe when it's in your face, it's brand new
Like it's still in the case, so hold it down and keep the base

[verse 3]
Parental advisory was the only advice to me
Until they let me stay like Terrence Trent
Who cares where their parents went
And know you know it, if you didn't it's likely
You remember seeing this vivid being out and (?)


[verse 3]
I fly, nocturnal, not a flash in the pan
You might've saw me in the gym with two beats in my hands
Let it go, quick release, 'cause sharp like a crease
You in my face with that bullshit I'm like PICK-A PICK-A PIECE
Holla back, we're several hundred miles away from you 'reents(?)
Every time we in the spot, the fly levels increase
I'm sayin' crack o' dawn, yawn, early AM to the PM
Is that there is gotta be a pay-to-see-em in museums
Rock it, coliseum, for per diem, for the love
Ride that there line like I'm surfin'
These cats is purple
We striking thunder and they wonderin' why it ain't workin'
Step into the mic concerned
So soon after introductions it was curtains

We stay original like staying high and stayin' fly, you stay dry
No wet it, but don't forget it, PASE said it
And if I say it I'll rep it for the records so check it on that
ask-keeping baby girl, like yeah she can catch it in a second
Just give me a minute, all at the same time beautiful, lovely, ugly and wretched
But I'm all in it, fixing to set it it right
Fly by the night time like twinkle-twinkle shinin'
Not one of the smartest cats is buyin'

Known as to spite(?) but that's aight
We keep it real, we stay up on the way up
Get the pay up front, they know not to play us
It's decisive, complicated, like a DNA make-up
Put your cake up, you don't want a big surprise
When you wake up in the..


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