"Things I Like" as written by and Todd Kowalski David Guillas....
I like Kurt Russel as Captain Ron.
Grace Under Pressure on in almost any circumstance.
I like dark planetariums.
I like when she wears them low-cut shirts and yoga pants.
I like unbroken snow on lodgepole pine boughs.
The rusty pump of a jay's forest communiqué.
And I like a rowdy fuckin' Pride parade.

I like how Hedges tells it like it is.
I like the sciences. I like profound mysteries.
I like The Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love"
And the emergence of competing histories.
And I like the Maple Leafs
'Cause they remind me of me:
Inconsistent, fragile, internationally reviled.
I like allegories. Cinderella stories.

Ahow ndinawemaaganiidog, Wabanakwut ndigo
(Hello my relatives, I am known as Grey Cloud)
Aapijii iinzan mewinzhaa kete-Anishinaabeg gii-soongide’ewag
(Apparently a long, long time ago the ancient Native people were strong hearted)
Kii-gichi-anokiiwag, kii-jiikendamoog
(They worked hard, they were happy)
Aapijii iinzan kii-chikinaagoziwag
(Apparently they really looked good)
Kete-anishinaabeg ogii-wiidookaawiiwaa shaaganaashiiwag
(The ancient ones supported the Europeans)
Gegoo wiin wiikaa oniikesiidaa
(Let’s not forget that)
Pizaaniigo nagamok! Nagamok isina!
(Go ahead and sing you guys! Sing real hard guys!)

I like speculative fiction: dark narratives
Of the future that looms. Of our impending doom.

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"Things I Like" as written by David Barry Guillas Christopher John Hannah


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    Song MeaningTodd Kowalski: I guess that’s a list of the things Chris likes. On the surface, it’s little things, but if you look a little closer and try to read into it, it’s about being who you are personally or sexually. Again, it’s "be who you are and like things that people don’t think you should like and admit that you like them."

    As a side note, I’m personally a friend of Wab Kinew, who does 8th Fire on CBC, and he talks in the middle of the song in the language of the Anishinabe here in Manitoba. He says the same thing for Aboriginal people — that they should be proud of who they are and for white people to understand their contribution. So it’s about respecting yourself and also being interested in other people. One of the things Chris says he likes is history and trying to understand competing histories.

    insane81on September 07, 2012   Link
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    General CommentSo far, easily my least favourite on the album but it's only been a few weeks. It takes me a long time to get into the music I love most.
    Quankerson November 14, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis was one of my least favorite when I first heard it, but now I think I like it the most, in terms of lyrics.
    diehardon December 12, 2012   Link

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