Drunk and sore for so many days
But what's to regret
I've had my way
We could have met but I was too shy
The first thing I said was a soft goodbye

I count on countless good occasions
To be quick and to the point
To perceive the situation
But a constant hesitation
Has been turning me around
Here is hope you can still take it

Whispering you're never seen
You're slipping out
Escaping scenes
Keep it real and kick my dreams
Important deals once agreed

It takes a while to value time
I'll take a break
arrive too late
If I fall behind it is you I'll find
In a lovely house
In a lovely town

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    My InterpretationI think this song is about just being generally tired. Tired of life, tired of being sad, and tired of being tired. And then trying to find ways to get away from it. I think it's also about being socially awkward, and not really liking to be with and/or around people. The kind of people who enjoy being alone. Here is why:

    "Drunk and sore, for so many days.
    But what's to regret?
    I've had my way."
    -He has been using alcohol to rid himself of the pain, but doesn't regret anything because he's "had his way" meaning it worked, he got away from the pain.

    "We could have met, but I was too shy.
    The first thing I said, was a soft goodbye."
    He was too shy to meet this person that he came in contact with due to his anti-social personality, and now he regrets it.

    (I'll address the chorus later)

    "Whispering, you're never seen.
    You're slipping out, escaping scenes."
    -He's talking about shying away from people, 'escaping scenes' so as not to have to talk to people. never being seen because he refrains from going out in public.

    "Keep it real, And kick my dreams.
    Important deals, once agreed."
    -Here is where he starts talking about being tired and hopeless. he says "Keep it real, And kick my dreams" because he's telling himself 'let's be real, you're not going to achieve anything in life.' He goes on to say "Important deals, once agreed" I think this is a referance to childhood when we all say those things like "when I grow up, I wanna be -----(insert career/dream here)". They were once agreed, but he now realizes he can never achieve those things.

    "I count on countless, good occasions, to be quick and to the point.
    To perceive the, situation."
    -What he basically says here without all of the poetic words is "I rely on occasions where I don't have to talk very much". This means he is talking about being tired and anti-social because he likes situations where he doesn't have to talk very much and can just keep it to small talk, then be on his lonesome way.

    "But a constant, hesitation, has been turing me around."
    -He wants to talk to these people, but is hesitant because he fears he will make a fool of himself or become emotionally attached and get hurt in the end.

    "Here is hope you can still take it".
    -In this sentence he is trying to tell himself 'you can still take it, you can still take the emotional damage and cruelty of people in this world. He is giving himself hope he can survive, and eventually get better.

    "It takes a while, to value time.
    I'll take a break, arrive to late."
    -Finally, he is speaking of curing himself. He says "It takes a while, to value time" as in, he recognizes that it will take a while for him to get better. then goes on to say "I'll take a break, arrive to late." he is relieving himself of the fear of breaking social codes, and allows himself a break from worrying, demonstrating that he now practices healthy behaviours.

    "If i fall behind, it is you I'll find.
    In a lovely house, in a lovely town."
    -He expresses here that if he ever starts to feel this way again, he will seek this person out unlike the first verse where he is too shy, he will talk to this person and get help from them. I think this sentence also indicates that he has a romantic relationship with this person, because of the two lovelys in the sentence. So i think he is saying 'next time i start feeling down, i will use our love to cure myself.'

    So, this is my interpretation, take it or leave it, but i think it's a pretty good guess.
    RemyCielon July 21, 2013   Link

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