Bitch please, if you wanna get on top of this
You better not do me wrong
Bitch please, and it wasn't my hypothesis
That you were gonna string me along
Cause I ain't got that time for your brand of bullshit every day
And girl you make it so damn easy to hate you in every way
Bitch please

[Verse 1]
Girl, what you think? That you could do me like that?
Forge a sword out of lies and run it through me like that?
It ain't cool how you're treating your most loyal man
Like a rotten piece of fruit from a dirty garbage can
Cause bitch I ain't a peach or a plum or a granny smith
I can't believe that I put up with your nanny shit
Now that I think about it, you really are a shrilly thing
I hope some day that I can make you kiss my chili ring


[Verse 2]
Bitch please, what are you doing to me?
At first we were so tight now you screwing with me
Loosely held together, now it’s easy to see
That all that was a front and how sleazy you be
Seemed like we were close but I guess we weren’t close
Cause every time I called it seemed like I would impose
You were always spending time with them other choice males
But you never had time for me, straight to voicemail
You fucked up, bitch, and now what do you do?
Trying to do shit to get me back into you
You were mi amor but then you me ignored
And now you’re back, trying to get an encore
You had this dick for a little while
But now this dick is not for you
You wanted me for all matters penile
But now this dick bids you adieu


[Verse 3]
You was giving me dome, now you're blowing my phone
Up all night cause you can't say goodbye to this bone
Even though this thing was all your fault
You were out cheating, thought that you wouldn't get caught
But now the truth comes out, I see you for what you are
Just a dirty hoodrat that don't got no heart
So now I have to go ahead and tell your ass goodbye
Let you know that I don't want you in my life
When I look in your eyes, all I see is lies
Don't try calling girl, cause you're gonna get denied
You had your chance and now you done fucked it up
I know you regret it girl but that shit just ain't enough
There's nothing you can do that's gonna get me back
Cause I'm gone for good, and baby that's a fact
I know it makes you sad but frankly I don't care
Cause I know what you did, bitch and frankly it ain't fair


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