Why won't you let me get with you?
I know exactly what to do
You gotta let me love you
I can make you scream and shout
But girl you're really missin' out
You gotta let me love you

[Verse 1]
Skip past the foreplay
On to the horseplay
Doing it the rough way
Nutting on your tittys
Cuff you to the bedpost
Eating me some rumproast
Girl, let's have a toast
To how I make you spread your toes
You're looking so good
I had to let you fucking know
Your melons looking supple
Had to get my daily double
I'm running two-a-days
Like I'm in spring training
Only difference is
Girl, I'm not playing


[Verse 2]
I spy a lady that need more than one look
I'm trying to steal glances and claiming I am not a crook
She got that long dark hair and them luscious lips
The vivacious curves, and ooh damn those hips!
I tell her that I'm hot shit but then she says "Well isn't it
A proven fact that it's the D-O-double G who is tha shiznit?
You ain’t looking fresh, you’re looking quite the opposite
You need to brush your teeth, comb your hair, and maybe pop a zit.�
Well she had a point, I must concede
Her words told me to stop but my dick said to proceed
My head was saying �Yo man, this girl is waiving it�
But my other one was saying �Yo man, this girl is craving it�
So I tried her out again, said I had just what she needed
She did not agree with that, my progress was impeded
By the fact that she didn't really want any progress
On to the next one, gotta find me a hot mess


[Verse 3]
I've got a couple of issues with the situation
What can I do to start your loving and quit your hating?
All I need is some tender, loving care
All I want is some big old jugs that's bare
And all I see is the finest girl I ever saw
What kind of man am I if I can't get up in her drawers?
I guess I'd better get my game going, level up
Get my mack on then get back on that better luck
Put some pep in your step, some curl in your locks
Any negative vibes? I'll put that shit in a box
And baby, I'm the opposite of whatever a jerk is
Just give me a shot at your three-ring circus
I'm smooth talking, running fingers through your hairdo
Baby don't you know I get more vicious than a bear do?
You've got me foaming at the mouth, call a doctor
I can bring you back to life, let me give you the shocker


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