[Verse 1: Andrew]
Turn the heat up, bring the beat up
There’s a speedbump, nigga please, what?
Ain’t gonna let nothing slow me down
Cause I guarantee you’re gonna know me now
Learn, Padawan, from my Kenobi style
Lend me an ear and you’ll for sure be wowed
Listen close, you’ll hear the gears of progress
Don’t try to compare, it ain’t near a contest
Do you fear the Loch Ness? Cause I swim among ’em
Thirty fathoms deep like my ass was a Gungan
When I figured out it was wet and dark
I rose to the surface to light my spark
Now wherever I go, the fire follows
Now whenever I spit, the sire swallows
Best keep an eye trained where I’m aiming at
Cause when I get there, I ain’t coming back

Where there's smoke there's fire
I can see from miles away
We will bring the fire
Til the end of our days

[Verse 2: Travis]
Popping the top off, knocking they socks off
Bout to get wild like mixing Coke and Pop Rocks
One shot at this, I know we’re asking for a lot
But please allot some time for us, don’t say that you cannot
You might scoff and say we’re someone you should mock
But watch us walk the walk like we was John Locke
Watch us cock-block, go home and jerk off
You jerk-offs watch this, this is called a rim shot
You thought that it was over, I assure you that it’s not
We sought after fame; we won’t rest until it’s caught
Like Spock, we want our stuff to prosper and live long
It’s not on our agenda to have to go and punch clocks
Must not forget, but in case you forgot
Dee Dubz HB bringing the fire, this shit’s hot


[Verse 3: Dean]
A man once said where there’s smoke there’s fire
And who would I be to call him a liar
Dee Dubz HB so hot, you see the steam rising off
Of these sexy-ass shoulders draped in Lacoste
But don’t be frightened to approach us
We’re real nice if you wanna try and grope us
But if what you got to say is that we aren’t great
Then we’ll know you have the brains of a grape
We flow like LeBron and D-Wade play ball
You flow like a stream that’s one inch tall
But that’s okay, it’s hard to start a fire
With just a pen and a pad and a rad beat supplier
Oh wait, no it’s not, you just really fucking suck
Like your name was Larry and your husband is Chuck
Yeah you look like a chump and bro I just took a dump
On the shit you’re doing that you thought was so buck


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