[Verse 1: Travis]
At first I’ll sneak up on ya, creep up on ya, all up on ya, word?
Slip a drink into your hand, I’ll make your speeches slurred
Talking to ya, hand on your waist, whisper in your ear â€�Let’s go to my placeâ€�
Get to sleeping after giving you the loving you deserve
Pillow talking, pour your heart out, I ain’t hard now, go on baby
You say you love me? It’s fine I guess, I am the best, or average maybe
Eight in the morning, breakfast made; need a good meal after I get laid
No, there’s none for you
This ain’t a motherfuckin’ soup kitchen!

Wherever we go, we'll never be seen
It's a sneak attack, baby
Just trying to be nice, we don't wanna be mean
It's a sneak attack baby

[Verse 2: Andrew]
I think you know by now we ain’t in it for the short-term, in it for the long
We keep it going somehow and if you say it ain’t so then how we singing this song?
Cause we make it rough; get the sandpaper out, start to buff
Don’t stop rubbing til you see your face in it then maybe by then it’ll be enough
Cause I can promise you we are never through
Put some stank in it til you say P.U
Clothespin on your nose, hoes don’t need no clothes
I’ll be done working, babe, before you even know


[Verse 3: Doug F.]
So I met this cutie with a booty and she told me with sex, she just likes to be surprised
When I hear this nonsense, she just looks me up with her sexy eyes
So damn fine, but I felt this concentrated infatuation
She licked her lips and passed me a folded napkin with a specific time and location
She says, â€�Be there, don’t be late, if you feel the need for you to get some ass
Say yes before the moment’s passed; and for me to get off, you need to wear a ski mask.â€�
Oh, um...
I’m no expert, but that definitely sounds like rape
â€�I don’t wanna go to jail today.â€� She said, â€�Chill, this is just our very first date.â€�


[Verse 4: Dean]
Hey girl, what’s your name? My name is Dean, uh
Heard you like a big dick and I’m a big skeeta
But I’m not gonna bug you like a mosquito
If you don’t want it girl, wait, of course you do, huh?
You’re looking real fine and I’m glad that I met ya
I know you heard Dem Boiz, the best in the west, uh
In the category of Central Texas nut bustas
We know that you want our grapes in your custard
Ooh that’s nasty, but you know me
Wouldn’t be me if it was rated â€�Gâ€�
But I’m an OG, been on a skeeting spree
I know you’re not leaving with anyone but me
I know you heard my balls don’t get left blue
And neither do my bros’; we get rubbed til we spew
All over you, even in your shoe
But don’t be mad; sneak attack, and adieu

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