[Verse 1: Andrew]
I'm on fire, call the boys in red
I'm gonna get stuck, the noise in your head
I'll keep ringing around like a bullet on metal
Too hot to touch, like steam from a kettle
Gotta cool down? Go outside where it's breezy
I'll be in here, just laying it down like it's easy
And if you wanna lay down with me, girl, don't tease me
It would be beyond awesome if you could at least be
Honest when you're dealing with a man such as me
Cause I ain't got no fucking problem with leaving you up a creek
I'll leave your ass at the club; I don't want you at home
And I ain't got no problem with being alone
If you call me up, I'll ignore that shit like it's politics
Cause girl, getting with you ain't no sort of accomplishment
Girl, can you even smell your body?
If I got with you, I wouldn't tell nobody

What up? What up?
Yo, what's happenin'?
Get up! Get up!
Get them booties clappin' and
Get your feet on the floor
Your hands in the air
Come on everybody everywhere

[Verse 2: Travis]
Whenever I fucking rhyme it's like I'm starting a goddamn war
Dropping f-bombs all the time like the cast of Jersey Shore
Speaking of those guys, I'd say a word to Snooki
I'd say hi then I'd try to taste her chocolate chips and cookies
I'd like to take her back to my place and get her under my sheets, and then
I'm kidding. Good god. Bring back the beat
I was misleading and lying to you, I'm pleading and crying for you
To forgive me for having a couple of couplets about Snooki and I in the nude
Could this be magic, this album you hear?
Man this beat is emphatic, please let out a cheer
One for Andrew with the hellified beats
And then one for me with the hellified rhymes
One for Dean with the hellified tweets
And one for all of us for tapping hellified dimes
Don't wear your voice out, man you still need to use it
Hear this chorus coming up? You need to sing along to it


[Verse 3: Dean]
Yo, get up with your fine ass
And move it around like you're diversifying assets
Cause you look fine sitting there with your friends in the club
But I can tell by your face that you need a butt rub
Lucky you! I'm just the man for the job
And if I rub your butt, can you rub my knob?
Oops I'm sorry; I didn't mean to be so forward
Forget it; let's just move over to the dance floor
Swing your hips to the left, swing your hips to the right
All the while my dick is trying to get between your thighs
That's the way the game's played; don't get mad baby
Cause you know all I want is my dick up in your naughty thing
And honestly girl, I ain't blaming you
Cause if I was a chick, I'd try to bang me too!

[Verse 4: Doug F.]
Everybody in the party, they're just getting a little loose
By sipping on Bacardi and a bit of Grey Goose
When the pigs start to coming, nobody vamoose
They can hold their Kevin Bacon cause it's not Footloose
And I'm here with the Boiz, put the spot in a craze
And you're on your little substance in your own happy daze
We ain't talking Fonz, we ain't talking Ritchie
We're just keeping it live like it fucking should be
We're staying so fly, keeping it funky
We rock this modern life, keeping it spunky
My endeavors are clever, but it's really whatever
When they're talking about dimes, they're really getting heffers
Keep them hands up, cause all we do is win
Taking back Sunday, you should tell all your friends
When they knock on the door and be like "What's that noise?"
It's that boy Doug Funnie here with Dem Waffle Houze Boiz


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