If you think that
You know a goddamn thing
About what we got to say
Motherfucker you're wrong
If you think that
You know a goddamn thing
About what we got to say
You couldn't be more wrong

[Verse 1: Travis]
I'm just a wrapper, don't want you to see what's underneath
That's why I talk about food, fucking girls, and sometimes weed
And I don't even smoke; sorry the illusion is shattered
But if you're feeling this shit, then it shouldn't even matter
Rappers make songs about dro and songs about hoes
"Lumbo Gold" and "Bumpin' Crotches" were songs about those
It may not all be true but you seem to like it
And writing about it is easy, just like riding a bike is
You know, fuck being serious; I need to roll up some Lumbo
Best in the west, make my shit go jumbo
Drink some Black Gold and down a slice of this cake
About to be so far gone, just start calling me Drake
I got this lust for life, but I got more for this girl
That I'm gonna fuck all night and give a necklace of pearl
Cat got my tongue? Nah, my tongue is on that pussy
Fucked up and getting laid, that's the way that it should be


[Verse 2: Andrew]
Born of shadow and flame, chasing after the game
Cold sweats and shivers: how you react to my name
Balrog stomp make your balls rock off
Fuck them other rappers, man, they're all knock-offs
Counterfeit goods masquerading as real
Those motherfuckers don't create, they steal
They copy, they trace, they don't paint their own
They've got a new joint? Well that shit ain't their own
Fuck everybody who don't try something new
You want something original? They don't know what to do
They heard some shit last week, maybe last year
"Hey, make a track just like this shit right here!"
Yeah just go ahead and do what's been done
But do it without me, cause it's been fun
I'll leave you stuck in your failing ways
But I'm heading out cause I've got trail to blaze


[Verse 3: Dean]
Who do you know what is fresher than this guy?
Lyrically slicker than my dick on lips before I bust in her left eye
Bringing the fucking heat on a real swamp-ass beat
Shooting lots of skeet on little pretty bitches' feet
Yeah your boy nasty, show me where the cats be
Throwing crazy parties like I'm the Great Gatsby
I do things different than all these dudes looking ashy
Like, hey babe come here and show me them ass cheeks
See when you're a G like me, you can be forward
Cause when I sleep with a girl, she try and record it
When I'm done I hop up and say I gotta record
A new track with the Boiz; besides, I'm already
I'm changing the game, making sure it don't stay the same
Yeah we're bringing the pain, putting all y'all to shame
Putting flame on dope tracks, like you can't do dummy
Dee Dubz HB and free money, quit acting funny

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