I used to be like T-Pain
buying drinks for girls
now I'm concerned
with very different world
I used to be like T-Pain
smitten with dancers
where's the love?
stricken with cancer

I'm a Pisces like Andre Nickatina
dating Geminis is a split decision
but now I'm in the business of precision
archers tied up with infinite indecision
you may remember those visions
but fairly tendered inquisition
of the hypothetical music industry division
now.. i have a question of question
have you engaged in Artist & Repertoire sessions?
and if so, I've got a couple ex-cons and pros
they talk a good game and they got something to say
auto tune news with digital display
trainspotter office in charge of truth decay now

(Hook) 2x
you can't stop the machine. no!
you can't stop the machine
you can't stop the machine
you can't stop the ma...

(Buck 65)
Jupiter is diamond oceans
I'm the scarecrow
the sexy machine
gave me the millionaire flow
gave me the voice of an angel
made my hair grow
got the skin of a snake
made out of underwear, bro
high class works of art
that's real rare, yo
backstage pass at the international air show
I let all of my worries and my despair go
pissing in the swimming pool
and I don't even care though
bending way over, I'm straighter than an arrow
chilling like Hercules, living like a pharaoh
quick like a bunny rabbit, fly like a sparrow
taking my money to the bank in a wheelbarrow
brand new tits and my hips are real narrow
solid-gold Camaro, platinum sombrero
shouts going out to Tommy Guerrero
I'm #1 and the rest of y'all is zero

you can't stop the machine. no!
you can't stop the machine
you can't stop the machine
you can't stop the...

so I took your name
and crossed my fingers for you
cause you don't look much like Whitney Houston
you look more like Whitey Houston
not that there's anything wrong with that

when a song gets mapped
you'll feel like Columbus
sorry if I sound pompous
but no need for a compass
shaped like a rhombus
its like 3 gold rumba
with a dance beat
and it's a slam dunk
if you were to ask me
go ask Andy on the Hot100
they sitcha down, spin around
for a cash fee, shit's never finished
it's only a band and I made this track for you


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