Through a door in the air
On a crumbling stair
In a clear and rushing vein
In a tunnel full of rain
In a piece of yellow light
On the skin of my eye
Are you there?

In the wind of my lung
In methane and in love
In petroleum plumes
There's a floating slice of moon
In your tooth and your claw
and your unforgiving jaws
Are you there?

In a burning white ship
In the taste of her lips
In the blood of the swans
as the sun fucks the dawn
In the mud of a lake
In the drunk and the dazed
Are you there?

In the now that is not
on a ladder to god
On a mountain stripped bare
With your hand in my hair
Behind the face of the sky
on a disappearing line
Are you there?

In the then that was now
In the now that is not
In our names we forgot
In a thought we just lost
We become what we choose
We are stumbling fools
Who are not there

There's some tangled dirty twine
in some idiot's clouded mind
there's some wires that won't unwind
around the ankles of the blind
There's walls lined with soft lead
and in that room is your bed
Is that really you?

Are you in there?
On the moon?
In the air?
Crushed in my hand?
Thrown in a fire?

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    General CommentGira recently has been equating his work in music to a search for a holy spirit. Not "the" holy spirit, but a feeling of being part of a divine process that is bigger than any of the people making the music.

    I believe this song is about a spiritual search. As is a lot of The Seer.
    parkerdannielon September 22, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningOn the demo version found on "We Rose From Your Bed...," Gira muses aloud, "I guess this song is like a prayer to our creator. I'm not sure."
    Bismillahon June 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThe whole thing is the denouement of the search that was instigated in "Mother of the World". The singer is searching for the Goddess - or, in less polarizing terms, the nourishing, nurturing, redeeming, and (in the mystical sense) feminine aspect of the Will that lies behind the world, and in this song he comes to the understanding that this replenishing facet of the divine diamond is manifested in all of the objects he rattles off in the first half of the song's narrative (i.e. crumbling stairs and pools of oil). The writing becomes less occupied with the sheer beauty, wonder, terror, and mystery of the world during the second half and instead makes profound statements about the nature of our existence:

    In the then that was now
    In the now that is not
    In our names we forgot
    In a thought we just lost
    We become what we choose
    We are stumbling fools
    Who are not there

    Here Gira masterfully illustrates the slippery nature of time and of our very identity, but also of the responsibility we carry for all of our decisions and, ultimately, the fact that we are fools who know nothing and are nothing. He comes to a mature understanding of the nature of life as both beautiful and painful, and is capable of seeing the "Mother of the World" in all experiences. This is spiritual peace that we should all strive for, and this song is without a doubt one of the most powerful works of art I have ever encountered.
    QueensEnglishon June 19, 2015   Link

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