"Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth," "That's my name so spoken thrice,"
"There's a foulness wafting from your fowl enclosure device,"
"Surely crap you must be speaking," "That's the stench of which I speak,"
"And from whence hath this stench cometh?" "From that critter with the beak..."

"There's no stench that I can sense Bob," "Have thy nostrils gone insane?
Have thy stench-sensing synapses leaped from out thy troubled brain?
Nay, proximity for long-term must have dulled thy sense Ken,
for I smelt now, and when I sniff, I smell it once again!"

[Chorus] "Your bird smells, your bird smells; don't you know your bird smells?!" (x2)

"The olfactory offenses, Bob, that you insinuate,
could they not be from the fumes for used digesting what you ate?
For the nose may have what smelt it verily could be attached
to the anus which hath delt it; check thy briefs sir, for a patch!"

"Why how dare you Ken you bastard, ne'er a stench so ripe and foul,
hath erupted from the depths of any mortal human bowel,
let alone those that I call my own, oh Ken you caustic cad,"
"Well your poo don't smell like roses," "Yeah, but Ken it ain't that bad."

[Chorus] "Your bird smells, your bird smells; don't you know your bird smells?!" (x2)

"Look upon your ailing parrot, was it your intent to scare it
when you lines its cage with lyrics by Rob Zombie and Sig Merit?
Well it did what anything would do with quarters such as these--
unleashed its bowels contents with no small degree of ease."

"Is it really necessary to critique my aviary
by the way of nasal passages both mucus-y and hairy?

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