"Crucify Your Mind" as written by and Sixto Diaz Rodriguez....
Was it a huntsman or a player
That made you pay the cost
That now assumes relaxed positions
And prostitutes your loss?
Were you tortured by your own thirst
In those pleasures that you seek
That made you Tom the curious
That makes you James the weak?

And you claim you got something going
Something you call unique
But I've seen your self-pity showing
As the tears rolled down your cheeks

Soon you know I'll leave you
And I'll never look behind
'Cos I was born for the purpose
That crucifies your mind
So con, convince your mirror
As you've always done before
Giving substance to shadows
Giving substance ever more

And you assume you got something to offer
Secrets shiny and new
But how much of you is repetition
That you didn't whisper to him too

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"Crucify Your Mind" as written by Sixto Diaz Rodriguez

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Crucify Your Mind song meanings
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    My InterpretationVery intense song that has elements of an reoccurring pattern that he finally puts a stop to. The reoccurring pattern (and irony actually) is that the lady he is finally leaving was probably an adventure seeker, or player herself prior to him meeting her. And he asks her if it was one of those shallow types (without much substance or character) that burned her before meeting him, and that made herself unattractive through her own narcassism. He leaves her and points out to her that she just chasing shadows in her love quests..and that she is made up of nothingess. The part that Crucifies her Mind is that he is going to leave her too. But he's leaving becasue he is too decent a man to want to be with her, not becasue is a heartless narcassist. His decency of character if and when she deos reflect is what crucifies her mind..and when she sees the truth.
    Angelinlon January 06, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationRodriquez is an anomaly among musicians. He is uncorrupted my money and fame and stayed true to his roots throughout his career. He led a simple life and had lots of time to reflect on life and write music. He was university educated in Philosophy - how often does that happen with a musician? He lived his whole life in a low income neighborhood of Detroit and witnessed the best and worst of life, first hand, everyday. His songs and the music are short and simple.

    Maybe this song is about drugs. But I think it is simply about the tragedy of female and male interactions.

    Caused by the Darwinian programming of the sexes if you will. The strongest and most female savvy males (the huntsmen and players in our modern society) are to be with the females. The females will instinctively only submit to the strongest and most attractive males. The female has a hard time being fulfilled by a lesser male so she continuously submits to these "Alpha" males. She hates herself for this and is sad because she never has a long term relationship. But she hopes for a long term relationship with one of these males and tries to sell herself (I am unique) (I have special secrets), but she is not unique and has no secrets, she tells every sexual partner the same lines and the huntsman and player know this well and would not care anyway. They cannot care as they were born to be with many women.

    What inspired Rodriquez to write this song?

    Possibly Rodriquez wrote this song as a response to his own failed relationships with this type of woman or possibly he lamented the wide spread symptoms of this cause of societal break down in the area of Detroit where he lived.
    meaningoflife7on June 21, 2014   Link

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