"Amanita" as written by and David Michael Portner Brian Ross Weitz....
What will happen to the stories from the bogs?
The trails of the Vikings?
The passing of sea sirens?

Is tradition holding regularly in this town?
If it's going hiking
Then I'm going hiking

To the other places
That we never had
Something like a misplaced teacher
That is old and sad

With big raven

What will happen to that story telling clown?
His voice hypnotizing
The fire side frightening

I have to travel so far just to hear his sound
But I'm going hiking
Art thou coming hiking?

What have we done what have we done?
Fantasy is falling down
She's breaking apart breaking apart
Has she lost her number 1?
Throws out her hands throws out her hands
Let her tell what she can tell
There's nothing to do nothing to do nothing to do
Imagination floating around
Then build it back up build it back up

What art thou gonna do?
Go into the forest
Until I can't remember my name
I'm gonna come back and things will be different
I'm gonna bring back some stories and games

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"Amanita" as written by David Michael Portner Brian Ross Weitz


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    My InterpretationTo me this is about how in the past, before the days where technology and the pace of modern society felt natural to us, we had NATURE as our natural environment...and somehow the separation from the natural world that so many of us have has given us an altogether different view of "fantasy,"
    In the past, fantasy was actually fantasy, where vikings brought back wild stories from the bogs and fantasies were inspired by the imagination...
    Whereas today the "fantasy" we have is more like escapism, trying to relate something imaginative in away that is so realistic it hardly resembles the grandiose myths and legends of the past (which were unteathered by any kind of factual basis)
    The idea is that by being in the natural world we feel more natural, and find less of a need for the escapism that helps us cope with modern life ---- when we get rid of the need for escapism, our imagination is allowed to be totally free from the constraints of "being realistic enough to actually believe"

    As a note, "Big Raven" (Kutkh) refers to an entity in Russian far east indigenous cultures who represents a trickster, shaman, and creation spirit. This is where the reference to Amanita Muscaria comes in; the indigenous people of this Russian region were known to use the mushroom as an entheogen. It is somewhat unusual for Animal Collective to feature blatantly references to drugs, and the use of Amanita in particular is interesting: the drug, which is legal, has been known to produce unpredictable effects on the user (often when taken by irresponsible people in the wrong setting at high doses,) however other people who have used the mushroom successfully say that it has increased natural understanding and appreciation for the natural world/beauty
    Animal Collective seems to have an understanding of the use of drugs and such things that's very different from the typical ideas found in psychedelic culture: rather than "tune it, turn on, drop out," Animal Collective (from my personal interpretation) seem to see these substances as catalysts for personal growth and not just entertainment and "tripping out"
    When drugs are used for escapism, you're more likely to become the prisoner of the limits of your mind. When they are used to gain different understanding, your mind can accomplish things that ordinary consciousness simply cannot do.
    (I'd like to add that this applies not just to drugs, but also the alterations of consciousness that come from meditation, religious spirituality, trance, and so fourth)
    As human beings we have the capacity for other forms of consciousness; these other forms aren't there just so that we can merely be entertained. They have a purpose, and can be used to our benefit or our destruction (a similar theme in Pulleys, I think)
    tzaranblueon October 06, 2012   Link
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    My Interpretationamanita is a genus of mushroom, most of which are toxic and many of which are deadly. "big raven" could refer to emily carr's famous painting of the same name, which, according to annette labedzki, "is focused on the fast approaching end of the being, and the fact that it has accepted its fate gracefully." the toxin in amanita mushrooms, alpha-amanitin, is an inhibitor of RNA polymerase II and usually takes up to 10 days to kill the victim, long after the initial onset of symptoms. and since there really is no antidote, like the raven, you end up waiting for an inevitable death. i think "hiking" and "the forest" might be euphemisms for dying and the afterlife.
    xferioron November 30, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationMr. Psyche’s CENTIPEDE HZ Analysis

    This is the Psychedelic Interpretation of Animal Collective’s new album “Centipede Hz’ Enjoy the Story!!! Make sure to play the album as you read to truly get where Mr. Psyche is coming from!!! Peace!!

    CENTIPEDE HZ by Animal Collective
    - 1. Moonjock (Youth)
    - 2. Today’s Supernatural (Society)
    - 3. Rosie Oh (Relationships & Love)
    - 4. Applesauce (Marijuana)
    - 5. Wide Eyed (Paranoia)
    - 6. Father Time (Death)
    - 7. New Town Burnout (Fame)
    - 8. Monkey Riches (Friendships & Money)
    - 9. Mercury Man (Redemption)
    - 10. Pulleys (Pronoia)
    - 11. Amanita (Wisdom)

    track 1 - MOONJOCK - The Imagination of Children
    - (Theme: Youth)

    (Lyric: “This is the new Centipede…”)
    You are born an Earthling on Planet Earth, with loving parents who let you explore and discover new ways of thinking. You learn about the vastness of the Cosmos. You find comfort in your parents and your youth feels like something from a fairy tale. So much love. So many trips. As you age you dream of Alien Life and believe them to be listening in on your thoughts, (Lyric:”Carolina mark the mile, South of the Border bumper signs and styles I don’t recognize, a weeping willow motel sign, by Georgia I am hypnotized, more batteries for my power ma’am, I’m tuning into radio let it change me till we drive again”) The radio transmission “Centipede Hz” reminds you of these scary alien thoughts. Running to cry on your mother’s shoulder (Lyric:”And in the night time you’ll see, Lean on it! Lean on it! And then we ran out again. Let it out!! Let it Out!!”) She tells you to go to sleep and escape these thoughts (Lyric: Let it out! Let it Out!”) and your hurting emotions and dream of Humanity and it’s Culture.
    *trippy radio sounds are you tuning out of the Centipede Hz temporarily to dream*
    You change into something dark and twisted listening to the thoughts of others in these dreams, becoming Supernatural.

    track 2 - TODAY’S SUPERNATURAL - Escaping the Status Quo
    - (Theme: Society)

    Feeling the winds of a new day makes you want to shed your Ego (Lyric: “L-l-l-l-l-l-l-LET GO!!”) and see the Earth and its patrons for how they truly are. You see people’s individuality and love that everyone is different. (“Lyric: I will Welcome you the same”) Whether they’re white, black, asian, homeless, gay, straight…you love everyone in this state (Lyric: “There’s a ruby in your eye and we don’t have to be the same”)
    (Lyric: “your ohms the sweetest thing inside of you”) You call for humanity to look beyond the mere horizon and gaze into the Promised Lands with you.  (Lyric: “our home is bigger than a mountain view”) As you realize people need to unite in times of crisis and be the “same’ sometimes.
    (Lyric: Sometimes you gotta go get MAD!! MAD!!!”)
    The last verse (“Come on L-l-l-l-l-Let Go!”) is Society responding to your protests and state that you will never be the same. (Lyric: “SAME!?!?!”) They scream it at the top of their lungs and you slowly wake into Reality again and realize your in the same position as in your dream. You come into contact with one person who agrees with you and you go on Adventure with them. The Aliens continue listening in on you through the Centipede Hz connection, but they let you live your life for now with your beautiful new Girlfriend, Rosie.

    track 3  -  ROSIE OH  -  The Power of Love
    - (Theme: Relationships & Love)

    As you journey across the World you grow closer with your Loved One and feel as though you are finally free to be the thing you’ve wanted to be since you were a Child. As you grow closer your insecurities begin to come back to you and try to keep her from getting too close. (Lyrics: “You had offered up a ride, so I might not get accosted by the Watery Slide, but i said No”)
    (Lyric: “I’d rather not had said No, I’d rather not had said No”) You are slowly growing up, slowly changing and you reminisce about times with your friends and feel as though you are leaving them behind. (Lyric: As I left my home I cried, I substituted, figured, tried to reconcile the things I left behind”) Sometimes you and your new love get into problems but you always manage to come back together in the end and look at the Bright Side of Life. You just want to keep her safe. Especially with the Aliens listening in on all of your conversations through the “Hz”
    You tell your love that you and her are on their own in the world. 
    You wish to get High above all the World’s problems, so you accept the Relationship. “I’d like to Embrace it! I’d like it Embrace it! I’d like to Embrace it All!” So, you and your new love experiment with Marijuana for the first time, to reach a common ground together.

    track 4 - APPLESAUCE - Comfy in Cannabis
    - (Theme: Marijuana)

    The both of you play around with the drugs of Earth, only to escape the insecurties you face in your Day-to-Day lives. You both feel addicted to the stuff as if it was Food. And because you feel like exploring (urges in you still from “Moonjock”) you choose to have a night out in the City.
    (Lyric: ” and the kid he picks a good thing, and the chef he makes a good thing, and the mayor eats a good thing”) You begin to trip out and become paranoid with your girl around all the people and choose to smoke some more in the City. As it brings you both closer together.
    (Lyric: “When you think you dont know you don’t know, you don’t know what comes next”) *you take a smoke* (Lyric: “Ripe and whole we can Move Outside Us!!!” ) The rush makes you feel ecstatic
    (Lyric: “You’re just a rush to blow open my mind! Blow upon the fire!”)
    But suddenly the joy you share is brought to a close when The Authorities find you both and take you to Jail. (Lyric: “When you think you dont know you don’t know, you don’t know what comes next”)
    Your respective families bail you both out but now your Relationships become Strained. The Centipede Hz begins to play with your mind like it did before you met the love of your life

    track 5 - WIDE EYED  - The Schizophrenic Centipede
    - (Theme: Paranoia)

    The paranoia you experienced earlier begins to take a hold of you even within your Dreams. (Lyric: “Cutting her into dream time”) You try to follow the lights of your Love but a Darkness overcomes you. (Lyric: “When you’re sleeping so far away…”) You feel so small in the vast Universe and the only thing bringing you comfort is your loved ones.
    (Lyric: ” If I could change my mind , I would Change “)
    You thank your loved one for caring for you in these dark times and  (Lyric: ” How is she not breaking down, oh God! I feel her shaking” )
    As days pass, you see your bad mood begin rubbing off on your close friends and continue searching for the Light (Lyric: “How am I still holding on, oh God! I hope I am holding”) Gravity trips you out. How are you still Holding?
    You feel the Aliens listening in on your thoughts again, your “Ohms” and feel them playing with your Brain Chemistry. Re-connecting to “Centipede Hz” “Earth Lifeforms”
    You start to shed your fear of Change. (Lyric: “I am Waking Up! Oh God I Hope I am Waking!”) And you tell your loved one that it’s better to separate temporarily before you lose each other forever. You decide to take a Break. (Lyric: “I’m less afraid of Change.”)
    You both strive to see things more Clearly. You’re now “Wide Eyed, Wide Eyed” 
    *outro noises*
    “You’ll be OK, You’ll be OK, You’ll be OK”  But will you?

    track 6  -  FATHER TIME  -  Leaving your Mark on the Earth While you’re Here Aka. The New Beginning
    - (Theme: Death)

    Time is ticking. And now that you’re climbing up out of rock bottom. You feel better and think about your Paranoid Days as if it was such a long time ago. (Lyric: “Pass a long time ago”) You think of the people we’ve lost over time (Lyric: “Where’d they go, Where’d they go now?”) Because your now trying to overcome your depression you stop playing around, smoking weed and doing selfish things (Lyric: “We exorcized the weekend, now all the demons can’t play”) 
    You think about your life and the fact you only live once. “Time, he’s got real big hands and bigger plans”
    You head back to an important thing in your childhood for comfort. Music. (From: Moonjock, the radio in your parents car) You decide to become a Musician because you fear death and want a piece of your Soul to live on forever.
    (Lyric: “And did I remember suitcase (professional musician) and all the things in my head, and all the expectations of doing something SPECIAL! I could be GONE today! But where will they take me?!”)
    You start a band As you feel it is the Only way to Truly Express Yourself and Have Earth Remember You Forever…And you feel as though the music may reach deep into Outer Space and tell the Aliens what you’re all about so they’ll finally leave you alone for good….
    It’s worth a shot…

    track 7  -  NEW TOWN BURNOUT  - A Day in the Life of an Artist 
    - (Theme: Fame)

    (Lyric: “Will I Make It? Will I Make It?”)
    Time passes, months pass and You think about the fame you’ve achieved over time. You thinks of your fans and thank them for their support and happiness they’ve given you all these years. Love but also Comfort and a feeling that you can experiment with your music as much as you want and they’ll still believe in you (Lyric: “I’ll take my shoes off…take my coat off”) Mix it up!
    As you’re jamming with your new friends, some of your old friends meet up with you again (Lyric: “No more little fights”) and you all have a large jam at a nearby Rave. 
    Filling your hearts with a groovy vibe makes you forget about your tainted past and brings you a sense of Belonging and Understanding. Your friends re-introduce you to Psychedelic Drugs and you enter a complete state of Bliss, a New Town Burnout with your band, Animal Collective.
    You feel the Centipede Hz running through your blood and mind, you JAM EVEN LOUDER TO EXPEL THE FORCES. 
    the evil Alien connection begins to leave you. 
    (Lyric: “Lift this weight, weight, weight!!! Leave my Light, Light On!!!”)
    You feel happy but wonder if you can go on without the Centipede Hz

    track 8  -  MONKEY RICHES  -  The Search for Happiness & Answers
    - (Theme: Friendships & Money)

    You’re moving on at an extremely fast pace and question if it is a good thing to move on. You want to connect with the Centipede Hz (Lyric: “I want to get my knees out in the dirt”) The “Ohms” tries to enter you again but it just doesn’t cling now that you’re happy with your band, Animal Collective.
    You want to travel to the stars and assist the aliens, so you use your music to connect with them. A New Connection. (Lyric: “I don’t want to knock you down”)
    You ask through your music for someone out there in the Cosmos to recieve and start giving you answers to the secrets the Universe holds.
    (Lyric: “Where exactly is my heart and where does it start?”) You know you NEED the band but you begin to yearn for something more (Lyric: “I don’t want to knock you down.”)
    (Lyric: “Monkey Rich? Monkey Rich?”)
     The Aliens mock your search for love, all your money and your fame, and claim that they only target people who aren’t afraid to journey into the unknown. They make fun of you for believing you are better than them. “Monkey Rich? Monkey Rich?” Why So Serious? You question the change you’ve made and feel it’s time to return to your Girlfriend, ROSIE. (Lyric: I don’t want to knock you down”) That’s it. Forget the fame. Forget the money. Rosie, oh, she’s all you need… The very thing you’ve been yearning for is for Your one true Love to take you back, even though your misery ruined things months back in “Wide Eyed”
    Let’s hope she accepts…

    track 9  -  MERCURY MAN  -  Taking Risks
    - (Theme: Redemption)

    You call the Love of your Life, Rosie, and you just want her forgiveness and for her to know you are a better human being.
    (Lyric: “Two human beings, i’m upset, you’re upset, let’s be Done!” )
    You wish to cure both your independent unhappinesses by getting back together.
    You know that you seem toxic now that so much time has passed since you said Goodbye. You are a questionable person, your old love says, you’re “The Mercury Man” but she agrees to get back together because of the Power of Love that amazed you both in "Rosie Oh"

    track 10  -  PULLEYS  -  Comfy in Pronoia
    - (Theme: Pronoia) Sequel to Wide Eyed’s “Paranoia”

    You enter that wonderful state of bliss from “Rosie Oh” and “Applesauce” and begin using mind-altering drugs in the safety and comfort of your Home. (Lyric: “Pulleys and vines”) You feel the opposite of Paranoia, PRONOIA and feel as though everything is here to help you grow and finally mature with your loved one ever since the days of "Moonjock" as a Youth. As you now have a wonderful psychedelic band, a beautiful partner and mesmerizing hallucinogens in your life. PRONOIA takes over you.
    (Lyric: “Trees said their smarts aren’t in books they wrote!!!”) It’s in the TREES themselves. The (Lyric: “NATURAL CAGES”)
    (Lyric: “Like minded people, do they feel afraid, feel afraid?”) You feel sorry for those who are not in this state of Love and Lust with your Beauty. 
    Your group begins tripping harder, your minds begin growing. (Lyric: “MIND IT GROWS!! MIND IT GROWS!! MIND IT GROWS!!”)
    You and Rosie make love whilst in the state of Bliss (Lyric: “Different people can they kiss Amazed? kiss AMAZED?”)
    You think of how far human beings have come and how complex the brain is, so many connections, so many neurons, it’s like (Lyric: Tunnels, and Caves, the humanoid) 
    (Lyric: “We’re here to help you, are you feeling low?”) You continue using the drugs in order to get High (Lyric: “Feeling low? Feeling low?” )
    You reconnect with your childhood (Moonjock) and your love for Nature/Mother Earth’s Food (Applesauce) and with your loved one by your side (Rosie Oh) you become the better person you’ve always wanted to be and head into the Final Track as ONE with EVERYTHING. AND EVERYTHING as ONE.

    track 11  -   AMANITA  - Future Reflections on Humanity
    - (Theme: Wisdom) 

    You ponder starting a new family with your new found Love after getting closer with your parents. Your rebellious youth is behind you and you reminisce about that past and it all makes you Smile and feel grateful that it’s all over. 
    (Lyric: ” What will happen to the stories from the bog, the trails of the viking”)
    You and Rosie wish to have one last journey into the realm of Psychedelics. (Lyric: “Art thou coming hiking?”)
    Thinking about humanity’s past and future (Lyric: “What have we done? What have we done? Fantasy is Falling Down!!!”) Makes you want to be a good person and help others and realize with the help of your loved one, you can live without the Centipede Hz.
    You, the Collective and Rosie head out on a Spirit Quest with a Shaman named Big Raven (Lyric: ” Big Big Raven) (“His voice HYPNOTIZING”) and recieve Amanita (Amanita is a psychedelic mushroom), heading (Lyric: “To the other places, that we never had, something like a misplaced future, that is old and sad”)
    You take the Amanita with your lover. Fully aware that it will probably be the last time they venture into that unknown and they’re fine with that. You want to slow down and have a family and some kids and take them on trips just like your parents did in the first track “Moonjock”
    (Lyric: “There’s nothing to do, Imagination Floating Around”) You both continue building up the Peace in your Mind with the help of Big Raven the Guide
    (Lyric: “Big Big Raven!!!!  What Have we Done? Fantasy is Falling Down!! She’s Breaking Apart!!”)
    Now, the last track “Amanita” The Aliens from the Hz tune into Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Deakin’s Ohms and discover that Humanity will be saved because they let The Animal Collective of Earth continue fighting for Change in their Community. The Aliens tuning into the Frequency Centipede Hz allows them to return to the story of the Centipede’s Walks with the Moon.
    (Lyric: “Oh, What you gunna do? Go into the forest!
    Until I really can’t remember my name!!”)
    At the height of their trip, they soar past the trees and through the clouds. Higher than Heaven.
    (Lyric: “And when I come back down things will be different,
    And I’m gunna bring back some stories and games!!!”)
    Who they are doesn’t matter, it’s what they believe in that counts. The Day and Age of the Centipede Hz invading the Consciousness, from your immature days of “Moonjock” to your mature days of “Amanita”, comes to an End, as you and your loved one take a final intake of Bliss and Kiss on the Lips.
    Maybe the Connection will return one day to check up on your Life… But even if they don’t, that’s alright… because you’ll have the beautiful Rosie by your side. Until the end of Time.
    MrPsycheon April 16, 2013   Link
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    General Commentlyric correction summary:

    - "misplaced teacher" changed to "misplaced future"
    - "Throws out her hands" changed to "Those are the hands"
    - "Sirens" changed to the how the it is spelled in translations of Homer's Odyssey to reflect Avey Tare's pronunciation of the word
    - "Is tradition holding" changed to "Tradition holding"
    - various grammar and spelling fixes
    deciphereron July 07, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationLet's not forget the archetype of the hero going to the forest to face roaring rivers, monsters, snakes, and, finally, to slay the dragon before returning home as savior of the village (as Joseph Campbell expounds upon). This also could entail finding enlightenment in the "desert" and returning home with the knowledge to save his community. Most stories loosely follow this pattern, like Jesus' Transfiguration or Forrest Gump committing to shrimping in Vietnam. So, yeah, Avey's kinda saying: "go to the woods and trip to find yourself, and come back with real experience that could raise your consciousness, as opposed to the mess that is material society, which can only bring misleading pleasure if that".
    djnikyleeon November 02, 2012   Link

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