"Reminder" as written by Edward James Milton Dwane, Benjamin Walter David Lovett, Winston Aubrey Aladar Marshall and Marcus Oliver Johnstone Mumford....
Don't let me darken your door
It's not what I came here for
No it's not what I came here for

And I won't hear you cry when I'm gone
I won't know if I'm doing you wrong
I never know if I'm doing you wrong

Constant reminder of where I can find her
A light that might give up the way
Is all that I'm asking for
Without her I'm lost
Oh my love don't fade away

So watch the world tear us apart
A stoic mind and a bleeding heart
You never see my bleeding heart

And your lights always shining on
And I've been travelling oh so long
I've been travelling oh so long

Constant reminder of where I can find her
A light that might give up the way
Is all that I'm asking for
Without her I'm lost
Oh my love don't fade away

Oh my love don't fade away

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"Reminder" as written by Edward James Milton Dwane Benjamin Walter David Lovett

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    My InterpretationReminder is a short song and not as popular as some of the others, but from of my favorites from Mumford & Sons

    In my opinion, Reminder is a about what someone goes through after a breakup. Specifically about one person in the breakup still loving the other person but also trying to give them space.

    The verse.."So I watched the world tear us apart A stoic mind and a bleeding heart You never seen my bleeding heart." Indicates someone to me that considers them selves vapid during the relationship. They regret never showing emotions or love to the other person, and now all these feelings are coming out but they person isn't there to see them. Now they are holding on to all hope that the other person will one day see that they truly love them and that they can try again. Metaphorically they are holding onto the "light" of the other person...they hope that their love will not move on or "fade away" and become just a memory.
    inflames17on June 13, 2013   Link
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    General CommentMy girlfriend tried showing me Mumford and Sons a few months ago. She said that I would love them and in my stubbornness I said they were okay but not that great.

    Now here I am, alone after a breakup listening to this song and feeling exactly what the writer was. I love this song and how I can connect to it, but I hate the feeling it speaks of. I wish I had done a better job at showing how much I loved her but it's too late for that. Now I have to wait and hope God will bring us together again.
    kristopherpion August 07, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is so heavy in my heart.
    CaptSugaron October 25, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationFirstly i feel that most songs tell a story and according to me the story of this song is that---> the singer broke up with his love and now wants to get back together.

    "Don’t let me darken your door
    It’s not what I came here for
    No, it’s not what I came here for"

    i feel this is an important part of the song, mainly because i have felt this emotion personally.

    the singer feels guilty that he has burdened his partner's life. there is some issue in his life which he cant resolve and now its affecting her ( making her sad or disappointed) maybe something like a drug addiction.

    "And I won’t hear you cry when I’m gone
    I won’t know if I’m doing you wrong
    I never know if I’m doing you wrong"

    So, he decides to leave her..bt he is still unsure of his decision.

    "You never seen my bleeding heart"

    Though he was the one who left her..he still knows that he has a lot of love to give her.

    "And your lights always shining on
    When I’ve been traveling oh so long
    I’ve been traveling oh so long"

    He tells here that she is alive in his heart and he has now worked hard at rectifying whatever the problem was with his life (travelling so long).

    "A constant reminder of where I can find her
    A light that might give up the way
    Is all that I’m asking for without her I’m lost
    Oh my love, don’t fade away
    Oh my love don’t fade away"

    Now all he needs is a way back into her heart and life..and he knows that it will take some time for them to get back together, so in the meantime he asks his "love" to not fade away.
    maxcool007on August 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song i feel is about a guy who was so in love with a girl, without never really being with her in an official relationship. This guy is also so in love with the girl, but the girl doesn't feel the same way, like when he said "you never see my bleeding heart". At that very moment, he realizes that the girl doesnt like him in that way, and the guy is devastated, but he wants a reminder of the girl who he fell in love with, even though the girl broke his heart. He goes on to say in the song, "dont let me darken your door", meaning that he doesnt want to make her feel guilty that she doesnt feel the same way, and saying " i never know if im doing you wrong", meaning that he doesn't know how to deal with the situation that he is in and how he is going to move on. he also says that "ive been traveling oh so long" meaning that he has been feeling the same way about this girl for a while now, and he doesnt know what to do.

    A truly beautiful song by Mumford and Sons
    jakeidoon January 27, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI imagine a stressed relationship. Long days, weeks, months spent apart. Fundamental disagreements with whether, why, and how to try to hold it all together. Probably some words spoken in anger and frustration that both parties would like to have never uttered.

    The singer only briefly gets to see his love on a stop nearby, but must continue traveling before any resolutions can be found. He's got to keep working, doing what must be done, without letting his emotions rule his better judgment -- he'd rather stay home with her, but knows its impractical.

    She'd follow with him if she was being selfish, but she's dedicated to her work and causes, preventing them from being together. He shares her beliefs and convictions, and in other circumstances would be next to her on a daily basis working at the same goals, but he doesn't think she recognizes it... all she sees is a man leaving for long stretches of time, more worried about paying bills than more ethically important pursuits, or their failing relationship. Their arguments keep coming back to these priorities, the world tearing them apart.

    Regardless, a laugh, a smile, a touch during those brief moments they can spend together, that's the constant reminder -- the light that keeps him from getting lost. He's holding out hope that for now it's enough, lest he finally lose her, himself, and his path. It's a prayer.
    chaoselement45on February 09, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI love Mumford and Sons in general but after many years I reconnected with the love of my life, after the best 7 months of my life live separated us again.....today he sent "Reminder" to me in a email, no text, no comments just the link to the song!!!! I am so heart broken, I cannot imagine my future without him and to know that he is holding on to some hope that one day we will reconnect again brings me hope. This is so sad and pathetic that I seat here with tears all over my phone writing about my loss love, I am embarrassed to let my friends and family know that I am so weak when it comes to love....I rather live the rest of my days where my only company is loneliness than to live next to just someone!!!!! For now thank you Mumford and Sons for the deep love story in so many of your songs.....
    ARROSARIOon October 13, 2017   Link
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    General CommentDoes anyone else wonder if this has anything to do with his relationship with Laura Marling?

    "So I watched the world tear us apart
    A stoic mind and a bleeding heart
    You never seen my bleeding heart"

    I feel like this could have some kind of reference to their diverging musical careers, and how when their relationship first began they were more dependent on each other, but the larger their careers got, the less they were a couple.

    "And your lights always shining on"

    And this feels like a reference to Laura's song, Shine, in which she expresses the need to shine, to feel it, and she can't do that sometimes with the heaviness of a relationship.

    Just my thoughts.
    ANPETRIEon November 23, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationWhat I think it means is someone close to him died, and he's visiting her grave.

    That explains a few of the lines, anyway.
    ourchoiceon January 11, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI wonder if Laura ever gave Babel a good listen and connected to the songs that were written about her.
    Ocularron January 02, 2014   Link

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