"I Always Knew" as written by Justin James Hayward-young, Arni Hjorvar, Peter Robertson and Frederick Cowan....
Down, down in my bones
Somewhere I'd never ever known
Right at the back of my head
It hit me like a beam of light
Hit me like a hook with a right
And I could have fell to the floor

'Cause you talk to me and it comes off the wall
You talk to me and it goes over my head
So let's go to bed before you say something real
Let's go to bed before you say how you feel

'Cause it's you, I always, always knew
Oh, I always knew, oh, it's you

I try my best to unwind
Nothing on my mind but you
Oblivious to all that I'll owe
I'm hanging on to what I don't know
So let's go to bed before you say something real
Let's go to bed before you say how you feel

'Cause it's you, I always, always knew
Oh, I always knew, oh, it's you
Yeah, it's you, I always, always knew
Oh, I always knew, oh, it's you

Well, it's you, I always, always knew
Oh, I always knew, oh, it's you
Oh, I knew, oh, I always knew
Yes, I always knew, oh, it's you

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"I Always Knew" as written by Arni Hjorvar Arnason Justin James Hayward-young

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    My InterpretationI think this song is about being absorbed in the feeling of loving and/or liking someone. It captures the kind of situation where you’re with someone and there’s that certain kind of energy that’s shared between the two of you and you’re not entirely sure when, where and how to act on it, but you know you must, because the person (and the feeling) consumes you whole.
    The first part of the song is our speaker’s sudden realisation that they head over heels in love:
    Down, down in my bones/Somewhere I'd never ever known/Right at the back of my head...
    'Cause you talk to me/And it comes off the wall/You talk to me/And it goes over my head
    So let's go to bed/Before you say something real/Let's go to bed before/You say how you feel
    Here the singer captures the feeling of talking to the person he might love and everything she says flies right by him because he’s so desperately in love with her. Here, she might be discussing the details of their relationship, hence the next line “Before you say something real/how you feel”.
    In the chorus he is of course talking about how he’s always known she was the one for him.
    I try my best to unwind/Nothing on my mind but you
    Oblivious to all that I'll owe/I'm hanging on/To what I don't know
    Here, Justin explains how he can’t get this girl out of his head. He has tried relaxing (presumably away from her) and still she inhabits the craters of his mind. In the next line, I believe he’s referring to the girl’s former hesitation regarding their relationship. There might be some truth or accuracy to what the girl has been saying and he acknowledges it but still, decidedly, sets this hesitation aside because, this girl is the one he’s in love with.
    spiderstrokeson July 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentBrilliant song, one of the best on the album.
    Han1991on September 22, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI'll take a crack at it. Usually I dislike love and/or breakup songs, because they are overdone and often feel contrived, however, this is not exactly just a love/breakup song, has a good beat, and well I like it. It doesn't have to be interpreted as a relationship being the subject, although the lyrics and video seem to point that direction.

    (A lot of this is simplification as I often imagine out several branches of what exactly each line could be saying and often how much emphasis they are putting on the words and meaning within each line as in most poems/songs they are ambiguous. So forgive me, anyway..)

    In a similar vein to at least several other The Vaccines songs, I interpret that this is a song about a relationship that is not going to work out.

    The singer seems want "you", the person he is singing to, to know that he believes or at least wants on some level for them to be romantically together in a relationship. However, on some level he also knows or rather feels that this is not true love or a romantic relationship that is going to work out, as he does not want to talk to him/her on any "real" or emotional level. The singer also says that his/her words go over the singer's head meaning that they can't relate to them. Despite this, he tries to continue the relationship feeling justifiably conflicted as although he wants to continue the relationship, he may just want to be in a relationship with this person for either the security of a relationship or some attachment to the person, regardless if it is healthy enough to last as a good relationship (this is not to say that the relationship has to be perfect to really last healthily).

    "I try my best to unwind
    Nothing on my mind but you
    Oblivious to all that I'll owe
    I'm hanging on
    To what I don't know
    So let's go to bed
    Before you say something real
    Let's go to bed
    Before you say how you feel"

    He tries to relax and focus on working on the relationship despite being to some degree oblivious that this will end badly or end as a less fruitful investment of his time compared to starting over and pursuing another relationship, or you know like doing something with your life that doesn't involve pursuing a relationship, so you're not as empty as a person only searching for a companion. He hangs on to this relationship as if it's love when he doesn't know if it is love or not and it probably isn't. He wants them to sleep together/go to sleep before they talk about the relationship or life or how the other person is feeling about the relationship which is failing and he is in denial about. He keeps trying to convince the other person that it is them, they are the "one for them" at the end of the song, seemingly with fruitless results by the tone of the song and/or video.

    That is my main interpretation anyway, other ones I have thought of could be that this is a guy trying to convince the other person to sleep with them, lying to them or just focusing on the sex aspect rather than any romantic and/or platonic relationship intentions, if any.

    Another one is that this is just a friendship or some kind of relationship that the singer wants to have stay the same or is scared/cautious to go to the next level of friendship/relationship which is not necessarily romantic, but maybe just letting the person into "more" of their life. Some people just feel some kind of attraction or connection to certain people, regardless if they actually match well or not, and their fantasies of these people could attractive enough to want to keep these people in their life whether or not it is arguably good for them in the long run or if they may be better off spending time in other aspects of their life or searching for another companionship or relationship that although is not as readily attractive or apparent as the current one could turn into something a lot more. I can relate to that. It is hard for certain people to choose something that could turn into something better over something that have right now, which although could be better than whatever else they find, it likely won't be in the long run. The whole "you could get hit by a truck tomorrow and not have the opportunity for something new" mentality is hard to get over along with other reasons, which could be what the singer could be implying that he is experiencing, however it is probably better to try for the something new thing, since if you die, you'd die anyway and it really probably would not matter, whereas if you don't then you'd probably be empty if you didn't go for something more and you'd regret it, people tend to change. Of course things still aren't that black and white and it isn't an easy answer.
    AlAlchemison April 11, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI believe this isn't about a breakup or an existing relationship, I think he's singing about someone that her entwined with, somewhat romantically. He wants more, but it's more of a casual thing and he knows she doesn't want more. This is why he wants to fall asleep before she says something real or before she says how she feels, because he knows it probably won't be what he wants to hear (which is that she cares about him as much as he does). If she says how she feels, then he'll know for sure that she doesn't care, so he'd rather she not say anything and just go to sleep with her. However, he admits that it's always been her and all he can think about is her. Her words come off the wall and go over his head because she's so above his comprehension, in a way.
    That's what I get from the song at least.
    zoeoeoeoeon June 13, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think it's way more simple. I believe this is the singer realizing that he has fallen in love. Sort of like he's putting two and two together.

    He has these feelings in the verses he's never felt before, but he can't figure out why. And then the chorus is him realizing that he's in love.
    smilescarton October 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentFreaking amazing.
    PibeFac10on September 09, 2012   Link

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