From the birds eye view,
God only knew.
We were too rich to entice,
too poor for a price.
There's no life in these seeds,
it's the growth of disease.

It's Sowing Season,
in these Forever Fields. (x4)

From beneath these bones,
God only knows,
who's too dark to reach,
too bright to teach
There's no life in these seeds,
it's the growth of disease.

It's Sowing Season,
in these Forever Fields (x4)

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Forever Fields (Sowing Season) song meanings
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song, can't stop listening to it.

    To me it has a slightly dark feel to it, definitely relating to death or a death or the end of something.
    xfiles67on October 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about how human corruption and stubborness has gone so far beyond repair that we are stuck with it for all generations to come until our species die out.

    "From the birds eye view,"
    " God only knew."
    God has always know and been watching

    "We were too rich to entice,"
    As we are stuborn and prideful, god knew we would fall short in sin when he tries to offer us a world without sin. (think adam and eve story)

    "too poor for a price."
    Human souls are priceless

    "There's no life in these seeds,"
    The on-going generations sell their souls for materialism, false treasure, and status quo. As a result they end up dead inside.

    "it's the growth of disease."
    I think back to what Hiko Seijuro said from Samurai X Trust...
    "The moon peers down on a diseased world. There is no cure for the disease, an entire race walks mindlessly into destruction. Not even a man of colossal power, would be able to prevent the inevitable." Meaning not even god could stop us from destroying ourselves so long as we have the free will and choose sin.

    "It's Sowing Season,"
    " in these Forever Fields. (x4)"
    Time for the next generation of humans

    "From beneath these bones,"
    " God only knows,"
    " who's too dark to reach,"
    Only god knows what is in each mans heart and if they are beyond saving.

    "too bright to teach"
    You can't learn anything unless you empty your mind

    I think that about covers it all. Anyway that was my take on it. Beautiful song. I got a pandora station going at work off of the 10 years band, and this song came up and I love it.

    Thanks 10 years for the great music and keep it coming (as it is far and few in between now adays).
    Vardahothon May 30, 2013   Link

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