From the moment you get your first guitar
Your taught to try to be a star
Just make songs that people like
And you can charge them almost any price
They'll buy it if your marketed well
So you gotta get signed if you wanna to sell
In the industry you'll find your niche
And they'll give you money and you'll get rich

Just practice singing, practice your look
Do everything by the book
Wear the clothes they wear on TV
Pose real cool on your CD
Keep your image nice and thin
Keep your songs short and trim
And don't sign too much about politics
Cuz people don't wanna hear that shit

Cuz your gonna be a rock star

Soon enough you'll begin to shine
One you've put name on the dotted line
Everything thing'll be fine once you sign
The money'll roll in in no time
They'll be posters and signs that show your face
Another item to consume in the rat race
You'll walk downtown just to get some good
And everyone'll look at you

In a year or two you'll get on stage
And you're gonna be all the rage
And then you'll sing your songs at the stadium
The fans will be craving them
Singing every word misunderstood
Acting like a good fan should
They'll come to you to sign your name
And they'll act submissive and you'll get laid

Cuz you're a rock star

A few years go by with you on tour
In the "artists room" behind a secret door
Your CD selling in every store
With your company making more and more
Won't be long til your petals wilt
And they'll find a fresh young star to milk
They'll throw you out before you get too stale
But they'll still make profit from your record-sales

Maybe some day you'll get depressed
Looking bad on all of this
Wishing you made a different turn
Wishing you'd listened to others' words
Who trusted fame and and it's promises
Then killed themselves cuz of lonliness
And tried to warn your through words they said
But you didn't get it cuz your mind was set

Cuz you we're gonna be a rock star

The media is certainly the one to blame
But we share the burden cuz we give our names
And sell our art in the market game
They dehumanize it and It's such a shame
Because art is culture and what we need
Is a culture that's not based on greed
So if you paint or sing or dance or spit
Please don't abuse it

You've got a responsibility
To the people who are buying your CD
To build a relationship that flows both ways
Not one person earning while another one pays
And if you see yourself on a pedestal
You'll separate yourself from other people
And you'll be like a politician
Speaking your mind but never listening

Cuz you'll be a rock star

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