"Professional Griefers " as written by Gerard Way and Joel Zimmerman....
I like the sound of the broken pieces
I like the lights that assign where she sits
We got machines but the kids got Jesus
We like to move like we both don't need this

God can’t hear you, they will fight you
Watch them build a friend just like you
Morning Sickness, XYZ
Teenage Girls with ESP

Gimme the sound to see
Another world outside that’s full of
All the broken things that I made

Just give me a life to plea
Another world outside that’s full of
All the awful things that I made

We like to dance but the dead go faster
Turn up the slam and a bar code blaster
We want the cash or the drugs you’re after
Rise up control for the mixtape master

Self-correction, mass dissection
Death squad brats are in detention
Morning sickness, XYZ
Boys with bombs in NMA

Compliancy, special castings
Photographs that I’m erasing
Phono slots with picture screens
Girls with guns on LSD

Self-infraction, mass destruction
Programmed for the final function
Lab Rat King, rescue team
Save me from the next life

Gimme the sound, to see
Another world outside that’s full of
All the broken things that I made

Just give me a life to plea
Another world outside that’s full of
All the awful things that I made

‘Cause we are the last disease
Another broken life that’s full of
All the awful things that I made

And we got the eyes to see
Another broken life that’s full of
All the awful things that I made.

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"Professional Griefers" as written by Gerard Way, Joel Zimmerman

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Professional Griefers song meanings
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    My InterpretationI would rather point to internet (or game) related things, seeing as the term "griefer" is used in many video games to describe a player that is destructive or detrimental to the game.

    "Teenage girls with ESP" - I don‘t know exactly what they mean with this, but the first thing that comes to mind is extra-sensory perception (ESP). ESP is considered to be a paranormal ability (baseless ability, little to no facts to prove its existance). They might be twisting that on girls, because the internet often steriotypes girls as "know-it-all‘s" about men, etc.

    "Boys with bombs in NMA" - I think this points to No Mutants Allowed (nma-fallout.com/), a fansite about Fallout and various other post-apocalyptic games.

    As for "Morning sickness, XYZ" - The XYZ part may refer to a band called XYZ (youtube.com/…)

    If I were to sum the song up, I‘d say it was about escaping the real world by entering the more controlled world of gaming/internet ("Another world outside...") because this world is too chaotic. I think it also bashes religion at the start ("We got machines, but the kids got Jesus"). As I understand it, the more intelligent people rely on technology and man-made constructs, the "inferior" rely on religion (this does not reflect my actual opinion on the subject, it‘s only my perception of the lyrics :D).

    These sorts of vague texts fascinate me, as the way I interpret them relies heavily on my past experience and current knowledge. Everyone interprets them differently. I‘m amazed to see Deadmau5 use this writing method, as prejudice had me believing he didn‘t have it in him. Props to you, Mau5.
    Dureishonon August 31, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationAlthough people are saying minecraft is what the song is about, I would like to disagree. The song (By the lyrics) seems to suggest a teen angst thing going on. More like a rebelling song. idk. I'm probably wrong
    AeroEvanon October 15, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningI don't normally comment on these things. However, the fact that the meaning of the important phrase "morning sickness" was so lost I felt I had to. Morning sickness is something women get when they are pregnant. The iTunes description of this song labels (specifically) this song as about struggling to be a teenager with references to "angst." These lines are all things that are cluttering up someone's life. Hope it helps!
    Tan531on October 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentAnyone have any idea what he means by "Teenage girls with 'ESP'", "Boys with bombs in 'NMA'", or "Morning sickness, 'XYZ'"? I tried googling all three but things but didn't have much luck
    Johnhughzyon August 17, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics are not correct, i own the cd, the cd case has the real lyrics inside it somewhere
    bm96on November 05, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationSilly kids. The term "griefer" was around before Minecraft was. A griefer is anyone whose goal in a game is to cause other players grief, hence the name. Lots of kids end up being griefers or doing at least some griefing because they have some sort of angst and want to take out their emotions on others.

    The chorus --
    "Gimme the sound, to see
    Another world outside that’s full of
    All the broken things that I made"
    -- suggests that griefers live in their own little bubble of pleasure. They aren't taking into account the perspective (outside world) of those they are griefing. It's possible that the artists are suggesting griefing having a larger effect on the outside world. Alternatively, they could be relating gaming griefing to IRL griefing. It's also possible that they're just making an epic out of game griefing.

    With regards to "teenage girls with ESP", ESP is extrasensory perception - the unexplained phenomenon of people perceiving things not using the traditional 5 human senses. This is often referred to in science fiction and the graphic novel universe.
    Regarding "boy with bombs in NMA", NMA (No Mutants Allowed) is a game community website focusing on post-apocalypse games.
    Morning sickness was explained by another commenter.

    Given this combination of items, I'm led to believe the song is just a cross between teen angst and game griefing - possibly that one is the cause of the other or that they are cyclical in cause.

    Or they just wanted something totally badass.
    TheBeegeon January 15, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionMaybe its comparing life to a video game? i mean all of it points to using video games to escape, and express inner darkness... and implys things only possible in two situations..while playing games, or on drugs. now when you take hallucinogenics, often enough you realize alot about the real world..in a sense, this life is like a game, and these "professional greifers" are people who just dont take life seriously, because to them its just one big game, and they know this because of either too many drugs or too much time playing games LIKE minecraft where the term "greifer" can be used. regardless of the actual meaning, to me this song suggests life is just a game...
    Mionipedeon July 03, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIll have to agree, it seems to me its from the POV of a teen with "teen angst" He/she is looking for a world where all the crap he has done has any meaning and basically just reflecting on all the stupid things are currently happening in this generation

    PS: I'm 15 so I;m allowed to judge my generation, thank you :)
    hiskidon December 02, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIf you want to search for a deepish meaning in this, the "I" that is in the song could be referring to man himself because man made drugs which ruin people. Hence the "Another world outside that’s full of all the broken things that I made."
    And I guess you could say the drug references, and how the protagonist of this song uses drugs, is a way for the person to mask and do away with guilt through the very drugs he or she made.
    This is just a thought though, so don't hate me. :)
    SamH270on April 22, 2014   Link
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    My Interpretation2 things:
    Minecraft, griefer is a a Minecraft term, and there a lot of other things (deadmau5 did dj MineCon...)
    it is also one of those really crazy teenage parties, go to iTunes, find the album, then look at its description, its a crazy teenage party crammed into 4 minutes.
    VladStepon October 14, 2012   Link

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