I got all these hoes stepping like they Deltas
My fine flow is first class, nigga, Delta
My wine ho is 40 plus, nigga, Stella
My Latin ho be causing dramas like Novellas
But I be in that Tony Stark shit
Audi when I park shit
I can smell your breath from here
It's obvious you talk shit
Ha, I'm not the best this year
Ya'll be talking dog shit
And every time I spit a classic verse they be like, "Aww shit"
Niggas asking me for beats
Homie I don't give a fuck
All my fucking beats for me
Ya'll ain't even trill enough
Numbers never lie to a nigga, but people do often
And that's why you'll never see a number in a coffin
So rest in peaces
Oh, you fucking Christinas
My bitches be doing lines then jetting like Mr. Revis
She giving me butt and head so ain't no way that I'm leaving
I smoke more than I say, so ain't no way that I'm Jesus
Vegetarians, ain't no way you can meet us
Unless you bitches Hungarian, ain't no way you can greet us now
I'm getting paid bitch, and I ain't sharing any
I'm rolling up in my Benz like Wheelchair Jimmy
We poppin' bottles to ourselves
Ya'll be sharing Remy
I only eat a couple women, but prepare plenty
Some raw, some well done
My bitch get paid like Oprah but still be having that Gayle fun
Now I adjusting to the fame fast
Hope it don't take away best friend like I'm Dame Dash
I be moving train fast, looking like a fucking BART
Every time I hit the club I'm dunking like a fucking Spur
Ya'll be on that bullshit, rapping about that tool shit
All white GTMA6 I call that bitch my cool whip
I was always laughed at
Never was I laughed with
So on Grammy night I will be stunting with a bad bitch
OMG a bad bitch? yeah, LMFAO. STFU IDGAF boy if you didn't know
All my niggas ride with me, looking like a carpool
Baby you can lap it with my nigga if the car full,
See I'm a trainer, your boyfriend's a trainee
Beach & Centinela, fighting streets like I'm Zangief
and I don't give a fuck what ya'll be on
Cause I'm the fucking Dream Olajuwon
So why you acting so silly
Since I'm the dream then please have
My baby Christina Mili
My chain is looking so chilly
Outdated like Mrs. Willy
By Willy I mean that rapper turned actor who's worth a billi
When Usher was fucking chilly I made my first trip to Philly
Then sprinted to New York City in hopes of signing a dealy
My nigga Harlem Cash, his manager's name was Vinny
and Vinny was talking shit, but now Vinny he work at Denny's
So, uh, fuck you bitch
So much money for one nigga, I'm too rich
So many bitches I be wishing I had two dicks
Instead I'm blessed with one that's longer than a pool stick
I'm in that cleaned up Range, on them G'ed up thangs
We at Phillipe's while you saving up for P.F. Changs
Girl, hop up in this truck
You know what's up
You remind me of my ex so I'm hoping to fuck
And then baby we could have a baby on some boss things
My offspring see more green than golf swings
We in the back of the limo trying to consummate
But she ain't giving up shit, I guess she constipate
Uh, bet you ain't know that I was this cold
You niggas dick ride, I get my dick rode
Now watch how I shine
As I present to you Silent Films for the Blind, motherfucker

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