Interrupting phases of transduction
Digital synthesis encodes ensemble’s work
Synthetic cortisol travels white matter tracts
Building new crosstalk revolutions
Receptors show resistance to our changes
Diverting channels to new activations

Mechanics of the wave converge
Hidden in the vacuum is the answer to our apoptotic fate
It will surely change the world

The memories are communicating between two states
Symbiotic system, diverted from the vacuum
Manipulating neural networks
Moving forward with this work, desire controlled by logic

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Dreaming Schematics song meanings
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    My InterpretationTo me, this song represents human evolution via synthesis with the DNA of hallucinogenic plants.

    People often describe a “drug trip” as something similar to a dream. Dreaming schematics literally means “drug tripping blueprints” when taking hallucinogenic plants.

    "Interrupting phases of transduction"

    Interrupting phases basically means "tripping" or taking hallucinogenic plants, so that their DNA can be introduced into human brain cells via a viral vector, known as transduction.

    "Digital synthesis encodes ensemble’s work"

    This could refer to someone's "trip" often described as being shown the reality of the universe. When tripping, reality is sometimes said to consist in a digital way. Experiencing the trip itself "encodes ensemble's work" (the hallucinogenic plant encodes its DNA on the human.)

    “Synthetic cortisol travels white matter tracts”

    “Cortisol” is a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress; therefore “synthetic cortisol” could mean a chemical version of cortisol. Hallucinogenic drugs represent the stress-relieving chemicals, as these drugs allow the brain to create different pathways and connectivity. Grey matter consists of your body’s senses and control of muscles, while white matter is responsible for communication between grey matter areas. Neurons in the grey matter area connect to create networks, in which nerve signals travel. Neurotransmitters serve as the medium to connect one neuron to another, and are altered when under the influence of a hallucinogen drug.

    Also in the study of logic, synthetic means having truth or falsity determinable by recourse or experience. This could mean taking the drug to experience the trip or “truth”, a different take on it.

    “Building new crosstalk revolutions”

    This means bringing on a revolution or evolution specifically in humans. The altered state of consciousness is created between enlightening beings (crosstalk) by taking the drug, bringing on a revolution.

    “Receptors show resistance to our changes”

    Our brain receptors resist the loss of ego that the hallucinogen drugs bring. Our receptors often show resistance to the changes that the drugs bring, sometimes experiencing a bad trip.

    “Diverting channels to new activations”

    Basically summarizing how some hallucinogenic plants, like psilocybin, divert channels in our brain to activate new neuron connections.

    “Mechanics of the wave converge”

    The mechanics (blueprints) of the drug come in waves when they converge with us. This represents the drug trip coming in “waves” as often described, converging with our minds and bodies.

    “Hidden in the vacuum is the answer to our apoptotic fate”

    Hidden somewhere in the vacuum, representing how intense your trip is, lies the answer to our apoptotic fate, meaning the purpose for our existence on earth and salvation. We represent an “old” form of “DNA” on earth. Our planet and the hallucinogenic plants are attempting eliminate DNA-damaged, unwanted cells. (Our old methods of living and thinking)

    “It will surely change the world”

    This evolution or revolution of our minds will change the world.

    “The memories are communicating between two states”
    This represents our brain communicating between two different states of consciousness, one being our current reality, and the other being the state of altered consciousness that the drugs bring. Memories between one state and the other are inevitably the same.

    “Symbiotic system, diverted from the vacuum”

    The drugs are a chemical system or scheme focusing on how “deep” our trip can go into seeking the truth, which represents the vacuum.

    “Manipulating neural networks”

    Stated again; changing our brain connections to evolve as a species.

    “Moving forward with this work, desire controlled by logic”

    Moving forward with our evolution is controlled by our desire to live logically and understand the universe better.

    I could be exaggerating terribly, however this concept strikes me when I read the lyrics. The lyrical meanings reflect on the name of the song title. Regardless, The Contortionist are definitely a bunch of enlightened individuals.
    warwick607on June 14, 2015   Link

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