Verse 1 (Benny S.o.L):
I got a pocket full of Scriptures, smilin' like some dentures
I block the evil out, you can say my life is censored
Christian party, christian party, christian party
I'm with the holy bros, wherever we go, holy soiree
God is the father, no results, this ain't moray
Producing good fruit and life is yogurt, check my parfait
The Holy Spirit's livin' in me, the world is puzzled, jigsaw
Elevating towards the voice, forgiveness, watch my sins fall
I'm off of my savior, got me smokin' like a menthol
Servin' up the Lord, off the wall, man's a pitfall
Psalms eighteen twenty-eight, turns my darkness into lights
The Lord please take delight, in my new life I earn stripes
I talk sharp, my tongue's a knife with what's wrong, he what's right
Slow to anger, don't need the fights
So spiritually, I take flight
UV rays, he's too right
You need contacts, The Lord gave me sight
But I walk by faith, like what I need to C4, dynamite
Never scared of the world, Christ has my back, spinal
I'm so G.O.E., he's so in me, so please check my vital
Poured on earth by faith and spirit, I'm Richie, Lionel
Stay in New King James, but he won't fail me in the Bible

Verse 2 (Dre Da Flame):
Okay, I'm on the grind with Theo Rogers and Benjamin, we gettin' it
As iron sharpens iron, I will sharpen a friend
I'm bright, because I got that light within
I'm on fire like a turf burn, praise it's not about me
The Lord is coming back soon, so I'm tryin' to spread the good news rapidly
Okay, turn up the bass, I don't think they feel it
I got the Holy Spirit so I don't feel them kill it
It's G.O.E., all day bro, the Jesus team, you should get with it
Jesus Christ is Lord, girl, I thought you knew
God bless you, and by God's grace I'm made anew
And I'm crazy for God, I lost a screw
Jesus came to save sinners, let me go and find my group
Healthy people don't need a doctor, so where the sick 'cause I'm feelin' swoop
We plant seeds of good deeds, watering and watch it grow
God bless Tanner Reeves, shout out to my big bros
It's G.O.E., everybody knows, but I can't help it, I gotta say it
Jesus died for everybody, we owe our lives, and we better pay up
Young man with a grown soul, producing good fruit like a canteloupe
I'm tryin' to stand out like elastic mold
And I'm high off God like a pack of wolves
Being godly is not a trick and it's not a game, it's life or death
Everything the Bible says is true, so praise Jesus with every breath
I'm from the Holy Bros, young dudes that love the Lord
I ain't perfect, I might fall, but I'll bounce back, like a bungee cord
God is love and God is great, get saved, no time to wait
Like a fisherman, I'm tryin' to catch a soul, but I gotta find that perfect bait
I step in the club, it's G.O.E., it's on my tongue and on my tee
Yeah I really said the club, 'cause that's where all the sinners be
The light is best in the darkness, and the Lord is with me so I ain't scared
And like my status on facebook, my testimony be gettin' shared
Praise God for the privilege of being able to worship
Now invest in Jesus Christ, 'cause I guarantee it's worth it, ey

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