The song is called props and mayhem after two characters in the Joe Cornish film 'Attack the block', starring John Boyega (Finn from star wars). There is a scene where two boys are searching a...
Self medicate
While they sleep, we let the night chase
Evil things away
And we're like animals homesick from shows
We've got to kill everything before the night gets wasted

Maybe it's seem so strange
But we don't even stress at all
'Cause we've got poisons in our wall
(Poisons in our wall)

Come at me with everything you've got.

Burst into flames, scream in the dark
I'm gonna light up this place
And die in beautiful stars tonight

Does it even make a difference?
When I'm sober, I feel pain
'Cause we run under the stars through cemetery backyards,
Celebrate the way the night hides scars.

So dance!
If it moves you
Jump in the fire
If it burns you
I'll throw my arms around you darling
And we'll turn to ashes drowning in the flame

Scream in the dark
I'm gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars!

What if these demons keep falling from the sky?
Sometimes I love the way you swing the flame and everything inside!

Separate me from my own two hands, I've killed so many times,
But I can't save the world from the creatures that don't die.

I kinda like the way you tell me, "baby, please come home,
I need you here right now,
I'm crying in the water so you don't hear the sound"

Burst into flames, scream in the dark!
I'm gonna light up this place oh oh oh yeah!

And I will be the only light
I'll be the only light

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"Props & Mayhem" as written by Victor Fuentes Michael Fuentes


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    My InterpretationNow for what this song means to me:

    I think this song is basically about two people and how they deal with their problems and rely on each other.

    From the first few stanzas, it sounds as if they basically use drinking and living freely to escape from their problems.

    "Maybe it seems so strange but we don't even stress at all 'cause we've go poison in our well" - It seems strange that they aren't falling apart because of all the problems in their life but they stay together because of the "poison" which helps them to ignore their problems.

    This is probably really off but the stanza that says "burst into flames...etc." makes me think of a show and the energy and emotion behind it. Despite the darkness the music brings light and the raw energy and emotion is similar to a raging fire. It's a beautiful experience.

    The next stanza refers to using alcohol to escape from pain and reality.
    "Celebrate the way the night hides scars" basically supports the main idea of living life fully and ignoring problems which is easier to do at night. In the "daytime", reality hits you.

    The next stanza is like, don't think, just do. Get lost in the emotion. "Together we'll turn to ashes. Drown me in the flame." This shows how they rely on each other and it could symbolize that by ignoring their problems, they realize it could lead to their own destruction, or it could be much more simple than that haha. I feel it also means that forms of self destruction can feel good to escape from problems.

    "What if these demons..." I feel this is saying: "What if the problems keep coming? Well that's ok because we have each other and the way you can destroy everything is beautiful.

    Next stanza - someone help me; I've destroyed so much but I can't destroy my problems. I can't save you. I can't save anyone.

    Next stanza - Like the way you say you need me. I know you've tried to hide your pain but you can't do that forever.

    I personally can't hear the lyrics in parentheses but they were in the lyrics booklet. But anyway, I think this part refers to them being out of time, they can no longer run from their problems. No one is there for them but "I'll be the only light"

    So that was probably way off from what the writer intended it to mean because it's kinda wack but that's what I got from it haha. Regardless, I think this song is absolutely beautiful and full of emotion as are most of their songs.
    Crazyrileeon October 30, 2012   Link
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    General Commentbest song on the album. how am I the only one commenting here??
    twstedroadson July 29, 2012   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionHere are some lyric corrections:

    "We've got poison in our well" not wall

    "And we'll turn to ashes
    Drown me in the flames.

    Scream in the dark.
    I'm gonna light up this place
    and die in beautiful stars

    But if these demons keep falling from the sky
    It's alright
    Cause sometimes I love the way
    You swing the blade
    At everything in sight."

    "I'm crying underwater so you don't hear the sound"

    "Burst into flames (What do you do when you're out of time?)
    Scream in the dark (Where do you go when they're right outside?)
    I'm gonna light up this place (And how do you scream when there's no one left around?)
    And I will be the only light. I'll be the only light.
    Crazyrileeon October 30, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningOkay, so if anyone knows about the lead singer, Vic Fuentes, then you know Vic used to self harm. So, in this song when he sings about how the night hides scars he's talking about self harm. In the stanza where Vic is singing about demons falling from the sky, he basically means how it's hard to quit and if things feel like they may be getting worse then he might be able to control himself and try to commit suicide. The song is generally about suicide, self harm, and depression.
    Toralei15on September 15, 2015   Link
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    Song Meaning“I wrote myself into the movie Attack the Block for this song. The film is about a bunch of thug kids in London who save the world from an alien invasion. I threw in a lot of personal experience and added a love story to make things interesting as well. I wrote the main riff and chords to the song on an instrument called a “Kalimba” that I bought in Switzerland while we were on tour.”
    kwikstormon March 21, 2017   Link
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    General Commenti think it is about the violence drinking can bring. it is also narrated by an alcoholic and his partner.
    It switches a few times but basically the girlfriend needs him and he's never there and the alcoholic knows that he's a bad person and tries to make it up by complimenting her and he realizes that he does love her but at the same time hates her.
    It ends with him being the only one there because she had given up on him or left for whatever reason.
    kilaisnotonfiron October 06, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThis song has always reminded me of Buffy and Spike. If you look at the lyrics literally it makes sense--all the stuff about demons and cemeteries. Plus "burst into flames, scream in the dark, I'm gonna light up this place," etc... describes Spike's death pretty well.

    "Separate me from my own two hands..."…

    'nough said.
    rraacchh2on May 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWhile I admit this song isn't completely about my spin in any way, I cannot help (after just reading LOTR and watching the films again then hearing this) feeling like this verse below is SPECIFICALLY ABOUT ARAGORN THE GOD FORSAKEN RETURNING KING.

    Burst into flames, scream in the dark!
    I'm gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars!

    A. he fights wring wraiths, often with fire.. B. He is in love with Arwen the Evening star.

    What if these demons keep falling from the sky? - wring wraiths again.
    Sometimes I love the way you swing the flame, Perhaps i am biased but i specifically heard Blade here... and everything inside! open again, but Swing the blade at everything in sight... fits my nonsense well.

    Separate me from my own two hands, I've killed so many times,
    But I can't save the world from the creatures that don't die.

    Ok the above sold me it was the first thing that popped into my head. Aragorn is the baddest mother in the whole tale. He takes no joy in mass killing but he is incredibly skilled at it. Also, offing a million orcs is nothing to him because he wants to save middle earth, however the Wraiths, All Simarillion's, namely Sauron, Saurumon, and other nameless evils, simply cannot be killed by a man. (technically) he cannot save the peoples, or his loving elf.

    I kinda like the way you tell me, "Baby, please come home,
    I need you here right now, - Late in the game Arwen is threatened by using her strength on everything namely Giving up Elven ways for Aragorn, passing her elvish juices of power to Frodo (this is movie only which i imagine piercers have seen)

    I'm crying in the water so you don't hear the sound." - Arwen is torn about heading to the lands beyond the sea. Grey Haven, outer earths. w/e..

    Furthermore. While i sense in reality the song is about struggling in relationships with all the emotional scars and drug use (namely the drug alcohol sure) or just general evil. because most addicts would feel like they are wonderful but evil, the drugs bro..

    This alludes to our sweet king Aragorn feeling doomed to repeat the past evil of Issildor..and most humans, the wring, which represents evil but definitely represents in some ways substance abuse, the ring addicts most who touch it some easier. Tolkien was close with the island of IReland, where the addiction gene runs rampant.

    so i can make a bunch of bs connections to His fears of losing his mind over the ring like sweet Boromir.

    (as i said this is far fetched but I am willing they to bet they enjoy some Zeppelin and "Ramble On" was not too subtle about a twist on the best fantasy books ever written Lotr.

    SO give it some thought, and consider the King. and Separate him from his peace loving elf touching hands while he try's to kill shit he cannot kill.
    Degbison March 27, 2013   Link

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