There’s this boy born in the country
Who looked straight into the eyes
Of the sirens, blue and windy
Wondering what it’s like to die
So with a dashboard full of flowers
As his ears began to hum
He took his girl tight by the hand
Saying â€�Tonight’s the night, the night, the night I run!â€�

Dogs were screaming from the fence line
Under black November skies
Precious bits of string and wiring
Pulled and creaked behind his eyes
And she was sweet and white and breathless
Heavy smoke hung in her brain
If only they’d waited one more hour
Or they’d taken the other lane

Dear little boy born in the country
Now you sit beside the sea
And watch the sharks and mermaids dancing
With cold shackles on your feet
And your mom on Sunday mornings
Would praise the Lord for you, His name be blest
She never thought you’d enter glory
With all that metal through your chest

And at night, somewhere out across the line
Waiting for the rumbling rain
Done up in her dust and vines
Begging her to do it again
Saying: �There is no fucking justice
No one’s trying to keep this fairâ€�
You were green as holy winter
Now you’re not really anywhere

There’s this girl born in the city
With three stripes above her breast
And ink crushed into her golden shoulder
And all relies on how she’s dressed
And she calls him up
Though she knows he’s not in town
And swears she’s had some good dreams lately
Now that daddy’s not around

Dear pretty girl born in the city
And all your sexy city friends
Flock squawking to my menagerie
You don’t ever have to move like that again
But the boys on all the corners
With your ashes in their mouths
Hold birds with wings so wet and bloody
That they’ll never let fly south

And at night, that golden shoulder turns
And twists around in the violet light
You’ve got an awful lot to learn
You’re sinking out of sight
I’ll curl up sweating over here
Now that I got to know you worse
Your dancing bear, your streetlight stare
The little seeds you’ve got stashed in your purse

There’s a girl born just before me
With a sad and wondrous face
With two hands like sacred spiders
And two heels planted in place
In her eyes an ocean riots
A horizon green and bright
Watch the sun set through her body
And the fires flare at night

Dear sweet and slow revolving beauty
Paper chains around your wrists
Want your wind to rush right through me
And your palms over my fists
I’m gonna prove my silver tongue
Is not an enemy of yours
These are only pastel pictures
You are skin and blood and more

And on that night, beneath the golden capitol
Dancing with the one I loved
Sent shivers straight through my soul
Send me through the door with a shove
There’s so much territory
Frozen and unlit
But if there’s light that cuts like glass
Then sweet revolving perfect love of mine, you’re it

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