Why bother slapping when you can blast her
Then again i am an out of work rape reenacting actor
Pull over bitch so i can fit my dick
Further down your neck
Giddy up i got veins to inject

When underground where its the saddest
You can kill yourself to get there through the labyrinth
You know they follow me to my house to see where my brain goes
Just filled it up with some shit just to see what the thing holds
Keen eyes i can barley see don't give a shit
I got a swisher to dip if i need to really leave
I had a blast just blastin' off and out of me
With a shotgun that got Satan to flatter me
I made a come back around like force to car
Might've filled the horses buzz in my blood like a Porsche Targa
I'm damn still baked and my brand's ill
Snipers pissed off they can't scope i don't stand still

C-u-n-t see you in hell (x3)
See you in hell (x2)

I multiplied my hatred for humanity
With my love for death
Then divided the shit and put profanity
The opposite of Christ
The son of nothing nice
Dusted off the angel from my shoulder on the fucking ice
I slaughter like Zeus and Perseus
Make your bitches fist fight to blow me to feed the thirstiest
You're never too old for drugs its dope to die
If David Blaine's tired ass can levitate, so can i
With smoke, mirrors and opium
Puff a nick at night and dump slime on their heads like nickelodeon

I killed a pussy, dog
I made her shed her socks
Snapped the cats neck and threw its corpse in the litter box
I got a lot to say, fill up your pod to play
Get high and pray to Satan, my do "god is gay"
My scams real had each one of my fans killed
So they can follow me even after the death of Sam Hill

C-u-n-t see you in hell (x3)
See you in hell (x5)

I killed a pussy, dog (x8)

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