I could jump on some ol' highway
Run a thousand miles or more
Unlock some hidden mystery
Behind a distant door
I could sail the seven oceans
Til I crawl upon some long forgotten shore

But it's always gonna be you
Always gonna be you I'm lookin' for

I could climb a hundred mountains
Leave a hard ol' world behind
Wander right across some prairie
Like a man out of his mind
I could walk and stare into the sun
Let it all just burn me deaf and blind
But it's always gonna be you...
Always gonna be you I'm tryin' to find

Where does a man go for redemption
Where does he take a broken heart
Shouldn't there be some small exemption
If he does all that it takes
To admit to his mistakes
Til the truth batters and breaks his world apart

I could ask for my forgiveness
From the heavens high above
Tell myself my prayers are gonna somehow be enough
And lay down in some angels bed
Convinced I've found the one I'm dreamin' of
But it's always gonna be you...
Always gonna be you that I love.

Where does a man seek his salvation
When does his mind finally go free
Is the pain he feels the only explanation...
For believing lies are true
For the stone inside his shoe
The endless ways the years keep haunting me...

I could find an empty church
Get down on my knees
Tell myself the mercy
Is a matter of degrees
Then lay down in some angel's arms
Convinced I've found the one I'm dreamin' of
But it's always gonna be you...
Always gonna be you that I love

Always gonna be you... that I love (instrumentals)
... that I love (instrumentals)

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    General CommentThis song, more than anything, is a cry for help. The person feels haunted by the love he never should have let go, desperately trying to find a way to free himself from this emotional torment. But no matter what he does, where he goes, or who he dates, he's always going to love that one person, never able to truly and fully let go of what they once had.

    In the first chorus he begs for redemption, asking "Shouldn't there be some small exemption, if he does all that it takes to admit to his mistakes, till the truth batters and breaks his world apart." He has admitted to his wrong doings, understanding the impact the truth can have on a person's life, and he is, simply, begging (to a higher power) to relieve him of this pain---he has done his time so to speak.

    Time doesn't heal everything.
    mdhmusic24on August 17, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningIt could also mean a love so great that the person is looking for the dead loved one and he can't get over the loss of him or her. When in the song it says "Small Exemption" and "Forgiveness" the person may be putting the blame on him for the death of the loved one. And is always looking for an answer and a way to get the loved one back somehow and in the beginning of the song it says "Mystery" because there is no solution to finding that person because of his or her passing. And when it says "Convinced I've found the one I'm dreamin' of And it's always gonna be u that I love" could mean he had a dream of the dead loved one being convinced he had found the person but when he woke up realized it was only a dream and simply stated you will always be the one I love.
    CountryMusicXLon October 08, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI can relate. No matter what I do that person is only thought. I've tried doing everything to forget but it just makes it that much worse. So many years have past but I miss the person just as much as when we ended.
    jennylynn2on July 10, 2016   Link

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