cars can be mean
cars can be vicious
but this car had an evil
that seemed to me delicious
it was big it was black
it had fins like a whale
it could purr down the street
and make the people turn pale
the headlights looked at you
with arrogant disgust
and its fuel was a cocktail
of petroleum and lust
funeral fugues played on the radio inside
it was hung like a hearse
it was a dead smooth ride

and we were somewhat crazy
but the car was even crazier
cruising around the bungalows
for a game of euthanasia
because the car was so cruel
it was such a sick sight
that the oldest of the old
would just die of fright

we would vomit from the window
in display of our depravity
having estimated speed
combined with forces of gravity
so as we'd overtake a cyclist
his face would get spattered
the car was the king
it was the only thing that mattered to me

we declared ourselves the cavalry
whilst only little boys
but to the car we were nothing more
than just his temporary toys
an amusing stage one in its ongoing plan
where the man made machine
outgrows the man

and parallel to the breakdown
of my psychological health
was the increasing ability
of the car to drive itself
and when it left us alone
in the cold and wet
I was a broken down burned out boy
that's when I met you...

would you hold this milk white lily
right between your lovely teeth
like you did the very first night
we were married?

since then fifty years have been and gone
and the shadows of our lives grow long
in the garden where our children's children's children play

in the years we've loved each other
I've loved your way of living
loved the way when you had nothing
you still had something worth giving
and you still peel potatoes with hands
more graceful than an angel's

but me I hobble with a plastic hip
my bladder's a bit weak
and my false teeth slip when I try to speak
to tell you that I love you even more & more
& more & more & more

I dreamed last night that the car was returning
to our village where it left me long ago
and the car was on fire and it set the village burning
as it moved towards our bungalow
I dreamed the car was looking to renew my acquaintance
and I dreamed the car thought stronger
was flawed by its complacence
and I dreamed that the unstoppable
could finally be stopped
so I'm standing here waiting trembling
and propped up by the courage
I've only ever found because of you

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