[Verse 1]

It’s the ichiban player sneaking up on that avenue
So ante up you chump and snake eyes about to battle you
Hold your hands up, heard you back from sabbatical
A player so smooth, give me room while I challenge you
Cise Star never in the day, only evenings
Transparent dark move units while you’re sleeping
Be the overachiever, the human heat seeker
The tactile style is wild giving you seizures
Slow motherfuckers, these skilled packs of readers
You’re suing me but sorry as hell, you’re just Zima
Gangster lean holding my dreams, hope receiver
So what you mean? Better redeem or be believer


Crushed grooves on soft planets making it so hard
From Pacific to Atlantic damn it we gonna ball
Like sandcastles for rent, bitch you gonna fall
With the tide with the tide with the tide
Huh tide of life

[Verse 2]

Automatic static, I’m flowing throughout your phone lines
Connecting the Internet, the dialect is so fine
Forever elevators are taking me so high
Inhale ? that the reason that I’m so fly
Quick connect the firewire, I won’t lie
Gotta write love to Hell just to get by
Poetic, instead it’s kinetic till I touched mines
Blind looking for answers until I let my ears find
A certain resonance with the presence of elegant
African elephants roaming the soundscape effortless
Spreading the wisdom that bangs your sound system
Airwaves behave, radiohead ?


[Verse 3]

Smooth in inaction but burn it in the afternoon
We keep the mood subtle and bubble audible follow-through
Methodical the speeds we reach until he capture you
Grip tighter than debt, we sweat in higher altitudes
We never lose to those that don’t get it
Hyper future speak implanted and chromed out ?
I ? son I talk to dons
My cellphone gotta alter call, it be the

[Verse 4]

African mean, fly like a pelican, bee
It’s do or die, ? now who want it with he?
The wild African back with the pen to the pad again
So that’s a rap for y’all, the phony rap actors
In this game called music, some do abuse it
I reach for Utopia, found now I’m boozing
No jazz tune, rap goon, word is my weapon
I’m Kane in his prime, rhymer you have that ?
So half-assed you get gas, them crackers made you
I came from the ground up ? that paid you fucker
You ain’t never gonna last in this
That’s the ? type rapper posing as bitch
We shitting on y’all, my smarter lyrics’ll brawl
Knock the wind out the lame, play Steven Seagal
I’m jacking your chan, KO, flow with the wind
My nigga Cise got that water from Mars and we begin, go

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