I'm sorry Bin Laden
Here is the deal
Won't stop (wont't stop) till you fuckin' die
close your eyes and kiss your ass goodbye.

Say be-hotch, me-hotch
trying to smart me?
I'll tell all you crazy town dead motherfuckers
to "kiss your ass and bite me".

We need to uh,get a ten ton nuclear war head
and take 'em right out
ah hell might as well turn all the arabian's
night's lives out

We're gonna hit you so hard
we'll knock off your fucking turban
shot glass with bourbon

You sit around readin' your koran

fuck you, your dead, kiss my ass man
look out, here come the hurses

hear people cheer in the streets
gettin' crazy and roudy

but when we blow your ass up
your just another dead saudi, howdy!

you can't imagine the disrespect
when we find you, mind you

that's me pullin' down my pants
look out I'm right behind you

Crazy Bin Laden, the Afghans protect him
lets put a smart bomb, right up his rectum

he wants to meet alah, whereever up in heaven
but he'll be servin' up slurpees, at saint seven-eleven

time for the nukes
put up your dukes

coo, the radiation won't hit you so bad
but it'll make you puke

saudi sheep
turn things all "freak"
he doesn't bath, he reaks
see, now we shit up their creek

squeeze his nuts till he screams
a little tighter! a little tighter! a little tighter!

This time it won't be
a goddamn slap on the hand
bin laden's dick will be
knocked down into the sand

bin laden, your ass is grass
your out of gas

I wish I could become a muslim
so I could "holla" at alah
about the mada

big a bombs
kill your mom
fuck islam
pictures of you
on DeadArab.com


I cannot wait
until the day you are dead-


When you are captured you will surely get-


so sorry that you did not behave
and soon you'll be buried in an unmarked grave
you bastard heathen!

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