"Supernova '95" as written by Tim Kasher, Matthew Ryan Maginn, Ted James Stevens and Cullen Symington....
Watching TV with the sound down
Listening to Primus on repeat
Scraping resin with the antenna
A fresh bag could be another week . . .

Crashing out on the couch
You found curbed in the suburbs
Your roommate just became your ex
Her new man's taking over your bed

You're so bored with everything
You used to dream in color, so American
Reds and whites and blues, but mostly green
Until you learned economy is just a Ponzi scheme

Burnt out, burnt out
It's hard to give a shit
Burnt out, burnt out
When it's easier to quit

What's effort going to get me?
Another job?
Some shitty job?

Making out with whoever'll have me
Drinking with whoever gets the drinks
America on a dollar a day
One buck, a dozen hush puppies

Bought an ax
Bought an amp
In the back kicking out the jams
30 pack of Natty Light
9.99's going to pull us through the night

I've worked each restaurant from downtown to the lake
Raking in the minimum wage
Doing part-time at 3.25
Became 4.25

Burnt out, burnt out
These jobs are fucking jokes
Burnt out, burnt out
The dollar is a hoax!

What's a degree get me?
A foot in the door?
The doors are closed

So burn out, burn out
Burn out, burn out

What's effort going to get me?
Another job?
Another job?
Another job?
Another job?
Some shitty job?
Another job . . .

Lyrics submitted by AtlDynasty25, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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