Sea water’s flowing from the
Middle of my thighs
Wild buffalo are dancing on
Cliff tops in the skies

Adorn me in feathers from
Dead birds
And contemplate the size
Of leather pelts to
BIind me in, put
Shutters on my eyes

They’ll cover the hills with their
Sweet flesh and soft nails
They’ll cover the doors with the screams
That their minds dispose

Write it down, down
The names and dates of the daughters
Who bore out of me like
Grandmother’s vines

They hang from the planks
Of my cedar grave, grow
Pretty long lashes and beards
Guarding the rain of me from them
Heedless trampling toes
Gathering honeybees in their
Sockets and creases and holes

They’ll cover the hills with their
Sweet flesh and soft nails
They’ll cover the doors with the screams
That their minds dispose

They’ll weave their long souls
Into the frame
To grow their foliage in
They'll sew their long hairs
Into their beds
To keep them crawlers out
To keep them crawlers out
To keep them crawlers out
Keep them crawlers out
Keep them crawlers out

Lyrics submitted by donyon, edited by Saraiva, ghostyyy

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    sea water's flowing from the
    middle of my thighs
    wild buffalo are dancing on
    cliff tops in the sky
    adorn me in feathers from
    dead birds
    contemplate the size
    of leather pelts to
    wind me in put
    shudders on my eyes

    write it down
    the names and dates of the daughters
    who bore out of me like
    grandmother's vines
    they hang from the planks
    of my cedar grave grow
    pretty long lashes and beards
    guarding the rain of me from them
    heedless trampling toes
    gathering honeybees in their
    sockets and creases and holes

    they'll cover the hills with their
    sweet flesh and soft nails
    they'll cover the doors with the screams
    that their minds dispose
    they'll weave their long souls
    into the frame
    to grow their foliage in
    sew their long hairs
    into their beds

    to keep them crawlers out
    wildebaton August 02, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about being a women, in general - there is a lot of "aboriginal" imagery, but I think that is being tied to birth and others and daughters - the idea that women occupy, or rather are forced to occupy a kind of primal space.

    It opens with the breaking of water - birth - it talks about asking that daughters be recorded, rather than forgotten, and the power of a grandmother's "vines" through the generation - but it is also a hope that the future generation of girls will be able to fend for themselves, do better, even though it falls back on the same imagery, and inevitably ties them, as well, to beds and fertility.

    I think it is about the struggle between the power of women as the fertile givers of life, and the cultural relegation of women to positions of vulnerability and irrelevance.
    ThisCharadeon June 22, 2013   Link
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    General CommentAbout old traditions, indigenans, feathers, bufalos, dead birds, cliff tops and so on...
    alteHaason April 18, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me it's about keeping death away from your bloodlines - by honoring ancestors and creating new life
    agonon May 12, 2013   Link
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    General Commenti think this is about all human origins, the sacredness of women, and the primal part of women and humanity in gerneral...primal instincts are not something that women are forced into, it is part of their nature, they are typically more comfortable with this primal part of them, the wild part, than men are, and so this is not something to fear, but embrace as women do...and we have to in many ways re-learn that or become re-aquainted with our natural selves...instead of suppressing them as our artifical society has forced us into...

    this song is a journey, it shows our origins, that we all owe our lives to women, and the sea as it were is an archetype of maternity, as is the earth...

    what happens though is that we are given a picture of our primal origins, of how humanity used to live, close to the earth, and the blinding with skins of animals is a very clever nod to the phenomenon where european traders slowly eroded this closeness to the earth with the greed induced by large demand for furs, and converting the indigenous population into a work force for the sake of animals skins...they forgot their connection to the earth and were taking more than they needed, and became dependent on the foreign economy, eventually succumbing to the social strains amongst themselves and turning on each other even more than had been true in the past...the social and ecological fabric was upset by this and so they were blinded by the animal skins...

    then the chorus to me is speaking of people covering hills, in modern social gatherings, centers of culture and activity, maybe at the beach, maybe in parks and other places humans gather for recreation, as if nature were a museum exhibit instead of something we are a part of...

    i also think the second part of the chorus, the reference to doors and screams is many fold...going to clubs, amusement parks, and even parties...and maybe even a sexual reference to screams behind motel rooms...both part of the chorus are as if the ancient native were giving a prophecy of where humanity would go to in the future...a bleak and disconnected future

    she then points us back to our origins again, how we all come from this vine of entangled geneology, this is very interesting because writing down the daughters is exactly how maternal mitochondrial DNA works...

    nature guards this secret, like a weeping willow tree with spanish moss and creatures inhabiting every nook and crannie...a very beautiful reference to point us back to the hidden secrets in nature that we are connected to, if we just recognize that...or again re-aquaint ourselves with that...

    the last bit is almost from the point of view of the ancient prophet again, showing how humans have grown accustomed to living inside of frameworks, cages, and restrictions, in the attempt to tame nature instead of be a part of it, it is a perversion of the natural...and finally the last part i think is a reference to even controlling reproductive power in an unnatural way so we do not have offspring, in effect, a self inflicted genocide...based off of our departure from nature and the primal closeness to the earth, something we have lost in trade for a very inefficient mode of living...

    this song is as much a lament from an ancient sage's point of view as it is anything else...
    musicalsolon December 21, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI'll just assume that this is about some drug experience.
    raketooyon August 11, 2012   Link

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