To son of b-boy
Ey, it's Dre Da Flame, in Matrix studios once again
Y'all know where I record at, ain't nothing new
But um, it's G.O.E., God over everything, but y'all already know that
Holy Bros rap, G.O.E., G.O.A., all day, every day

Verse 1:
Listen, reppin' San Diego,
Killed it, felony jail
Haters move out my way yo
I run it, all over your snails
I get it in, I have to win
And she love God, automatic tin
And I go too hard like a chick
And I swag for a group of men
Dre Da Flame up in this thang
But I'm not gonna make it rain
California is so broke I found myself collecting change
The Lord turned around my life and I will never be the same
Now I do it, yeah I do it for the Lord, not for the fame
They say they miss the old Dre
Bring him back, no way
'Cause I am happy with my life
If you don't like it, go away
It was LX baby baby
Now I serve God on the daily
I used to smoke up the daily
And take a shot, it was crazy
Y'all want me to go back to that?
Y'all trippin' and that's a fact
I was heard to the prison or the grave, think on that
Unashamed, I take my Bible everywhere, it's happening
These rappers think they spittin' but they all rap about nothing
Now miss me with the nonsense
Listen to your conscience
I wake up and I thank God every morning, it's my promise
The Bible is my weapon so I hold this world hostage
I school 'em like a college
I'm full of spiritual knowledge
I'm stuck on God, call it bondage
And I'm not tryin' to be free
You already know it's G.O.E.
I keep it too real because I'm me
And yes the Jesus is God for me
Shout out to my bro Robby
Okay, yeah you're a hottie
But with no ring, you get snubbed from me
I don't get down like that
I am too fresh to swag
I am too clean to swag
Now pop your collar to that
Say it to they face, no and a nay
Y'all need hell, no disrespect
Rap all the time, flow too wet
I have God, you're not okay
And if I girl try to seduce me, I am more like a Corvette
The Lord die for me, I owe my life to him, yeah I'm in debt
I'm a soldier for the Lord, no I am not a young cadet
God is always watching everywhere, you better no forget
Man this world got me upset
Teaching kids how to have sex
If the Bible is my weapon, then I'm aimin' at y'all necks
The government don't care, they only care about they checks
Okay, but y'all don't even care, all y'all just sit there and you text
You parents need to step up, stop being soft
Search through your closet, and dust the bell off
You're tryin to be your kid's friend
The cool parent and fit in
These girls are getting nastier, where are the godly women?
The men are getting lazier, they livin' off the females
They actin' like they scared to work, man you're some females
Play me off, any song, I'm fresh gonna rip that song
God is speaking to me, got the people like what is it all?
Shout out to my boy Lecrae, man I love my boy Jamal
He is so short you can break his legs and he will still stand tall
If it wasn't for the Lord, I wouldn't be alright right now
Me and my boys, we're so bad we should all be underground
Turn it up, let the speakers bang
This right here's a holy sound
God is comin' back and just in case you better write that down
It's God over everything, God over everything
It's God over everything, God over everything
It's God over all, it's God over all
It's God over all, it's God over all
It's G.O.E. on me, it's G.O.E on me
Oh you heard me?
It's God over everything, God over everything
It's God over everything, God over everything
It's God over all, it's God over all
It's God over all, it's God over all, ey

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