Set your mind on wide, fall apart before they catch you baby,
and never be just what they want you to be.
Now that you've grown so wise, use that head and stop to think a little.
Just 'cause you're crazy doesn't mean that you're free.

Back in lame grade 10 I was a total devastator, baby
Down in the schoolyard they all fell to their knees
But it can't be 93, sadly 'cuz I wish it could forever
You call it luck I call it tragedy

What would you say if I fell apart?
Could you bring me back?
What would you say if I fell apart?
Could you bring me back?

We got a rock DJ, we got a total fucking alcoholic,
We got a thing they call a cybergirl
A warm ovation please for the dude who sold us ecstasy,
He's building homes out in the new third world

The snow just keeps on falling in Hawaii and all stations west
Find someone close and and hold them like you care
this is a race to the end and i don't intend to win it, baby. you go ahead, i'm gonna meet you there...

B..A.D. used to talk of relativity,
That was way back when everyone was scared
Now that we're deep inside the wires, there's a place to hide;
you can do things they would have never dared... so don't be scared...

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The Theory of Relativity song meanings
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    Song MeaningFirst, can I just say I want to walk on stage to that huge synth intro/bridge someday? Someone make that happen for me.

    First three verses are glorious classic Stars. We are young and vital, but nonetheless nostalgic for a past that could never really be! "You call it luck, I call it tragedy" playfully references the title theme (relativity!). We are struggling for authenticity but afraid of our own power!

    Then things get weird. A cybergirl? Haha, what the hell are you talking about, Torquil Campbell! And it's snowing in Hawaii!? One gets the impression that it's ~~the future~~ and climate change has totally boned Stars. That "new third world" reference, also pretty ominous! It's suddenly kind of weird that the Amy Millan character is so dismissive about '93, before whatever vague catastrophe must have struck. But it's also compelling that the two of them are still framing that difference in terms of their own personal histories -- we're mourning high school glory, not a way of life. But when Torq sings "Find someone close and and hold them like you care" you get a sense that bigger things have changed (with that typical half-pretended affectation).

    Then we close, celebrating that even in their new privation, they can still choose to be individuals. Once again powerful and, potentially, free!

    Oh, Stars. I've missed you.
    kumokasumion September 05, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"B.A.D." = Big Audio Dynamite, whose song "E=MC2" seems to have been an inspiration or influence for Stars when writing this song.
    Slainte!on December 28, 2012   Link
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    Lyric Correction"B-A-D" = "D-A-D"
    wildebaton August 06, 2012   Link

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