i spit it right
i kick a cypher
with a splif
dangling from my lips

gang of kids
living different cycles
same mics

contributed from many sourc thanks
give me yours
if we hang again
ill give it back to him

even scores
settle back
war stories
yo. if its black
call a ghetto that
old glory
old golly

triple glass
____ young
crazy opposites
hollywood drama
playing in my thoughts
watching us

learn like mirage does
stop the tape
put it on pause
gotta break them tabs off

most broads get erased fast hard
but I'm glad i can take that
little clique sipping shit mix
straight out the licks cabinet

strange after taste did magic
goldy locks sitting on the dock of the bay
and french kissed her

ever since then
old flame
went away
no sweat
i never looked at that bitch the same way

and weed spots the one
just parking lots
keif gots graces
gold fleece
with jason and the argonauts

x g f
in the future
used to be a cute smile
i contact
should i step
holla back
hi lets talk
soon super
ima buy myself wine coolers

yo wuddup
this is doowop
stick around for the end
pitchin moolah

and tip the drip of the scotch
you might forget me
but in any event
[leave the duchess]

shit changes
people they switch
when its a hit
make sequels

all that stays fixed
is me
so it repeats those
days of our lives
is breezing by
peeps died
get rich
g to the wives

marry ill bitch
pregnant with aliens
evil twins come back to life
clone babies and the lady friends

yo. but we leave the show
more frequently
than most
meet again
only when the season ends

what a friend
they got what they needed from us
i guess we got what we needed from them

crush come and go
why clutch your hands and we stroll
once it got rough the tough
get rollin in dough
look back
stolen my heart
like a bucket of gold
fuck it I'm gold

i have mad luck and I'm stoked
it feels great being able to say
i knew that dip
we've sipped beers
its been ages
but i lazing with cheers

yo wuddup
this is doowop
stick around for the end
pitchin moolah

and tip the drip of the scotch
you might forget me
but in any event
leave the duchess

in the same veneer lips
makes sick shapes and
aint a lot change since

I've been away ages
and did ya
yo i have faith in all you chicks
that i click with

that want to wrap your legs
around this dick
life is just pissed brand mirror
washin lipstick
erasing all the gossip
and mischief

i got it in my brain
the specifics
and not letting this rearrange
even if this is not realistic

wish it could take me back
that apple berry side
of the same we tapped

yo the blue shit
take me back
like music

many games
i knew my life
would pass through this

and chiba take me back
that zema alize
and champagne
we tapped

yo the bud bong
take me back
like love songs
many dust we just stayed up till sun dawn
one love y'all

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