what a day
covered in a dame
on another sons arm
boned a leg
looked great

hey look
yo why she got a date
when i first scoped her
gold can't catch a break

even pro sculptors
couldn't get a frame right
plus the way light played off
her dress made me extra tight

she don't know it
rolling with professors like g.q.
and really need a dude to spike e.q.s

I'm silent,
but my eyes said "me, you."
smiling at a motherfuckers wife
be true.

so i loved and lost
and its just 1 o clock
waiting for the bus to cross
i puff dutchy

j walk
yah im a crazy fuck
and half expect the cops to bum rush me

i gotta pick up something
insiders brother done asked me
to run to the liq for the young clique

we used to play tricks with pink dot
save the six packs for my pops to drink
bottles of twinkling champagne
swink through the eyes see slowly
go pony keg old keifs

and same place i was caught
with a phony id
way back
like before he was 19

and ho please
he's just tryna buy coke
he needs to get live
now that I'm of age
i provide age

if you a sinner [yup]
broken the law [whoa]
get them hands up

you bustin out [yup]
aint going back [no]
make that ass move

grab what i needed to get
and now i jet
before mad tempt to reach for the more wet

settle up
they looking at me funny
cause i bought a 20 pack of wild cats
and 12 coolers with metal money

and who you think the fool is
I'm only stealing 2.50 off top
aint even paying for my fuel kid.

complete the drop
gotta beat meeting meters at the weed spot
yo its red team with ricky
but i aint tryna see my whole week shot
head feeling heavy
rather get sex outta wedlock

bet later ill regret
not paying for some beverages
liqs in the west close at 7
and its 6 aint it

hot day it was
gravitated under great summer skies
to the summers place its tradition states

it was max mills once
up the hill son
and super funky ill
that they replaced it.

some real young
biddies at the ice cream shop
and its probably not legal
but i hit it.

tonight she's saucy
looks like it might be a height evening
in the long sunlight season.

on the street side
waiting for my red team
like weighing each seem within my head
see it needs work
but my creed is certain

if you gonna regret it
then don't do it
if it aint wrong
get to it

and she probably right
I'm livin' a ungodly life
i can't hold a 9 to 5
but i can hold some bacardi light

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    General Commentlast minute of this track is amazing.
    dj goser scratching the most commonly
    underrated hip hop expressions: "yo"; "yea".
    rajion June 21, 2012   Link

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