Lucrezia, Giovanni
Gioffre and Cesare
Italian barmy army
The Borgia family

Our daddy was Rodrigo
I had a monstrous ego
Where he makes trouble we go
The Borgia family

Our tale begins renaissance Spain
It’s leaders were a shower
So I run out of patience
And began my quest for power

I splashed my cash to all the people
Cardinal and hoped
They’d be bought- they were in short
So I became the pope!

More power than I oughta
Blood’s thicker than water
Appoint my sons and daughter
To run a dynasty

With daddy as the pope
I could do as I pleased
Was ace! I’d kill a man who dared
To, like, invade my personal space!

I found a husband for Lucrezia
Rich Giovanni Sforza, do you love him?
Yes of course but love
His power and money more so...

Now married to the Sforza’s
This opens up new doors-a
They will not stand before us
The Borgia/Sforza family

Yes, and while we're at it
We will marry son Gioffre
Aged twelve but so what, soon we'll be
The Borgia/Sforza and the Naples family

When the Sforza family
Eventually bores us
I'll just annul the marriage
If he refuses to divorce ya

Don’t I get a say?
Don’t fret, for you another man I’ll get
Alfonzo of Aragon
I like him this could go on and on!

You like him I’ve gone off him
His pretty face makes me wince
You killed him?!
Yeah I’m the new modern form
Machiavelli’s prince...

Giovanni run the army but Cesare said
No way! I’ll kill you if you cross me
I might kill you anyway...
I am the mostest powerfulest, evilest of all
As long as dad's alive
There’s not a single chance I’ll fall!


Awww no...

We suddenly lost status
It seemed the world did hate us
The Borgia family RIP

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