"Falling in love, such sweet sorrow
Here's a little something from me
You know theres an old saying
If you love something, set it free
If it doesn't comes back, HUNT IT DOWN AND KILL IT!"

[Brooks Buford]
Ever since I seen you fucking my brother
I can't have a normal conversation with my mother
I wonder if your silly lies
Disguised by your bedroom eyes
All these phony alibis
Lost to Christ, cross my heart, I hope you die
I love you ...forever (die)
From credit cards to diamond rings
I just sit back here giving you everything
And now I'm screaming
Smashing my head into seizures
Killing memories
It seems activities will lead ya
And thoughts to dedication
How stupid, I gave you two scriptures
And now I'm watching blood drip on me slowly
Onto your pictures
Think about how much you owe me, sneaky little bitch
You can't love me and leave me lonely
I know you care
I'm aware
Deep down inside
I'm coming back for you baby
And everything'll be a'ight

[spoken simultaneously]

"Stop, I mean it! If you don't, I don't know what I'm gonna do!
Leave me alone, I mean it.
Please, baby, leave me alone. Please!"
[Guy] "What?! What?! Shut the fuck up! I swear to God I'm gonna kill you right fucking now!
You owe me for every little fucking sperm that's in your mouth, or in your fucking gut, I want it back NOW!"

[ I followed you to work
I followed you to school
I followed you home
Looked in your window, saw you nude
I noticed right away that you had rearranged the room
I love the things you do, you don't have a clue ]

I oughta crack your damn trachea
For squeezing in my life
Playing wife, stabbed in my back
With your diamond studded Rambo knife
What about the evil that women do?
If I'm beating on a female, best believe I got a reason to
So call Oprah
While I’m home, playing husband, my girls fucking my cousin
So now I'm back on angel dust and busting out her face
Four in the morning dragging wifey cross the asphalt
Heard she was ho-ing, It isn't my fault
Love is an illusion
Ain't nobody down for you so DIE
Never put your faith in humans
I'm up in Georgia Mental Health with pictures of my boo's
Out there, fucking you
Talking about the evil that Brooks do
It's tragic, now I got a $100 medication habit
Laughing, sucking on pills, thinking about river rafting
I love you baby, why don't you come visit me this Saturday?
We'll walk around the yard
I'll slice your throat and plead insanity, sweetie


[Danny Boone]
I rethink it over and over, stabbing pain in the abdomen, abandoned
Betrayal is the sick sorry, psychotic bitch
hypnotic with the eroticism
And I'm obsessed with this bloody ass
So what I cracked her rib and blacked her eye?
She lies a lot
Best thing that ever happened to me
Pushing me to the edge
Holding a butcher knife to the trachea of my once future wife
She's a maniac for making me react this brutally
I yearn to watch her gurgle on her plasma
And lay six feet beneath a slab of marble
Left her in tears simultaneous
You better watch your back, bitch
Lover boy's watching, waiting
Contemplating your final inhalation of oxygen
You will catch a chill, I'm ill
I no longer care
Consequence is the least of my fears
Answer your phone
And let the beast you created whisper inside your ear
"You belong to me, dearie"
When you're asleep
Do your floors creak?
Do you remember me?


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