A screaming monkey hangin’ off trees and tires
Cannibus for Kannibal, where the fucks my fire
I fucked a set of dykes now they got a set of tykes
Who will one day wonder what their fuckin daddy like?
Fuck child support, I’m out like mission abort
Spend the extra cash on snow white that I wanna snort
A daughter with daddy issues and a box of soggy tissues
And a standard bastard, raised to stay plastered.
Then I wake outta my drug induced coma,
That my future according to my hairy fucking palm uh?
Fuck you psychic trick, I am fucking psycho sick.
Stick a broken thermometer in your fucking clit
Why the room so padded, sly, you’re a groom? No matter
I’m straighter than the jacket I’m in, but my blood is splattered
Skull shattered, brain cells churned into batter
Ain’t nothing on me, I’m Astaroth, you’re an adder
This is some sicko shit, like Michael Jackson bleachy dick
But I’m an outsider, greaser with my hair slicked,
Back like shingles, unresolved chicken pox
What you fucking get for confining me to a box
I’m high like them knee high rugby socks
Misfits of Science, short-lived like Courtney Cox
I’m getting you high off Cyriuis cock rock
Have you crashing hard, like depression-era stocks.
Hey diddle diddle, I fucked the cat with my fiddle
Now I’m coming like a faggot with rainbow skittles
Belittle’in middlemen who want to say they started when
Mastermind warlock , bitches callin’ me merlin

*Slyguy Syllie*
What the fuck? I still don't know what to say. (laughter in the background)
I don't know, like THIS SHIT IS FUCKED.

Abracadabra, you thought that was weird,
I ate a metal solid now I am fully geared
I’m wasted but wait! I got more in store
Queer wizardry, my name is Dumbledore
So sorry, I left your sorority with sores
Shoud've tested myself when I leaked puss out my pores
Shouldn’t be offended, just a buncha horny whores
Truth talk, Condoms aren't the only thing I tore
I’m a woody animal, cannibal call me Tiger
Flow like piss but sour, spoiled apple cider
Yelling out WHORE, hit her with a 9 iron
Yelling out FORE when I bust a nut inside her
After 18 holes, of this shit bitch I’m tired
Make me a sandwich, or I’ll drown you with fire
Herpes complex, but the virgin had no sex
Mary Magdalene’s love child with Malcom X
This triple A shit, replaced with a six
Sick trick hit hard like a bag of bricks
Hooked on morphine, inside my matrix
Neo's got’em perkocets, down that shit real quick

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Wazoo Tittilating Fornifaking song meanings
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