Been feeling these emotions again, while driving
maybe it’s the constant motion, the lights collidin’
visions of child staring sleepily out the window
visions of old that grab hold and guide the pen flow
as he’s carried to his bed on the backs of giants
holding tight around the neck, cause an ax is flyin’
whizzing past his head, sheltered from the acts of violence
we pretended te avoid the walk, had to act real silent
Kaleidoscope of thoughts, run the tract inside yeh
that dark place that you fought, just grab n’ ignite it
watch as the doors unlock, you’re practically cryin’
slow down and stop though it’s sad to see Bryan
it feels good to face the shadows
fingers grip the swords hilt, in the midst of battle
knocked off the horse’s saddle as your helmet gets rattled
it’s a dangerous path, that which leads to an adult

Mrs. Fairy godmother, please grant me a wish
I’ve been living in this mist, in a family of fish
haven’t really used my fists, nor had alotta shit
that’s why my only wish, is for the lonely to get kissed
Can you understand the words rolling off my lips?
Or should I make the trek up north so I can ask Saint Nick?
Cause As I sit, I reminisce, of all the people that I miss
lives were stripped, I made a list
I can’t ever, forget
rising outta the darkness, the question what if?

What if?

As we crossed the great plains into Gordon Ranch
had no clue what to expect in these northern lands
man with the black book in hand said not to scorn his plan
layer of protection, thorny landscape
kept all emotion buried deep, stole the lair's key below the stair's feet
at the end of a road I said I won't dare reach
and for many years I let my wounds shut or heal
darkness loomed overhead the hills of Butterfield
slowly, yet surely, I uncovered a shield
opened my eyes, life was suddenly revealed
found the way to shine through with pure imagination
which keeps us alive preventing it's stagnation

I was broken 'till reforged in an eleven furnace
I stared into the abyss and escaped lickity split
though it tried to resist I was much too swift for it's bag o' tricks
and in times of crisis I find comfort in the words of a hobbit
It's dangerous business heading out your front steps, so as I sit,
I reminisce, of all the people, that I miss, their lives were stripped
I made a list, I can't ever, forget
and while alone in the darkness I can't help but ask what if X3

what if x3

some were taken by the wind, some were taken by their sins
some were taken down the river to a world that never ends
but time will come to pass and I'll see them again
I'll see them again

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