"Be one of first!" The ad calls out for subjects
A new kind of genetics project
Enhancement of your biological makeup
A promise of superhuman reflexes

The fine print goes unread
Oblivious to the consequence
Sinister plan up to highest levels
Desperate act before public knowledge

The ominous glow of the sun
as you stand-to in the antechamber

The call-in is swift and relentless
They drag you down to the black chrome chair
They strap you down lest you hurt yourself
As Xenomorphosis executes

The strobe lights flash on your eyes
A morphine spike snaps to your vein
The mechanic device consumes your hand
You feel it come clean off and re-attach

You wake up on a rainy street at night
No recollection of what went on

The days go by and you're none the wiser
Dreams of slithering steel and oil-drowned people

You snap awake from your horrid dreams
As you freeze solid from a look at your hand

You hear a crackle within your head
As the commands start to upload to the brain
"No longer are you in control of yourself,
Experimental Droid X-1"

This is your dream made all too real
Spills soil your standard issue BDUs
The path is paved in human blood
for the project launch is a resounding "go"

Lyrics submitted by Torniojaws

Xenomorphosis song meanings
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