Still, I repent!
I never walked thought the nether despite my decent!

Acknowledging the past of me that was lost.
I have repressed too many years!
My utopia was within my grasp!
Doomed in absentia!
Left to be sentenced!
Still rising to cherish all the things I have left.

Call, call on me darkness!
Wait, wait on me now!
Wont you say, say that I'm sorry.
Cause I wont wait!


[An interview with a German interviewer.]

This is it!
Colors became so vivid that flowers, leaves, and fabrics seemed to be illumined from inside.
The random patterns of blades of grass in a lawn appeared to be exquisitely organized without, however, any actual distortion of vision.
Black ink or sumi paintings by Chinese and Japanese artists appeared almost to be three dimensional photographs, and what are ordinarily dismissed as irrelevant details of speech, behavior, appearance, and form seemed in some indefinable way to be highly significant.
Listening to music with closed eyes, I beheld the most fascinating music; Patterns of dancing jewelry, mosaic, tracery, and abstract images.
At one point everything appeared to be uproariously funny, especially the gestures and actions of people going about their lives and everyday business actions.
Ordinary remarks seemed to reverberating with double and quadruple meanings, and the role-playing behavior of those around me not only became unusually evident but also implied concealed attitudes contrary or complementary to the overt intention.
In short, the screening or selective apparatus of our normal interpretative evaluation of experience had been partially suspended, with the result that I was presumably projecting the sensation of meaning or significance upon just about everything. The whole experience was vastly entertaining and interesting, but as yet nothing like any mystical experience that I had had before.

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    Lyric CorrectionSome reason cut a lot of the beginning off. What follows is above "Still, I repent!"

    Signal, high and low!
    They bring the tooth and nail!
    Fast or slow.
    Will you give me one dammit second to bail out of reach,
    Before I do as you please... Times two!

    Cause I might be wrong,
    Am I the only one who sees the damage is done?
    And it wont be long before I loose my faith and make a run
    And become like you!


    I will make another plan to find what is left, and nothing less!
    Still, I won't tread, I find my own way and make it all worthwhile!

    Call, call on me darkness!
    Wait, wait on me now!
    Wont you say, say that I'm sorry.
    Cause I wont wait!

    So I found another form, it's breathing life!
    It must have been there the whole time when I was dead,
    Cause I was pledged to emptiness!
    And now I let myself to see all the things I just didn't expect!

    Still, I remember!
    [Still, I repent!]
    enabled2kon May 30, 2012   Link
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    General Commentyou can slow down this track using VLC Media Player and pressing [ on the keyboard while it plays, press 5 times to slow it down to 50%
    FeelingShredon February 04, 2015   Link

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