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I won't wake
A wealthy man someday
Cause the sun, don't follow me

I won't wake,
Without a song to sing
Nothing to some
Everything to me

On my worst
I'll do my best
To make it seem
Like I am happy

I've grown numb
Dry as my tear ducts
I've grown dumb
and empty

But don't give up on me...

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    My InterpretationAlthough I agree that this song is pretty self-explanatory, I like to analyse songs and so I want to just briefly explain what meaning I see behind each verse.

    "I wont wake a wealthy man someday, cause the sun dont follow me" This is a very beautiful opening in my opinion. I think this whole song is about the writer himself, simple and very honest. To me this part is like he is either finally realising or letting someone know -or both- that he is never going to wake up as rich man and he might never achieve the success he so desires. By using the word "wealthy" I don't think he is litterary talking about money which is actually reassured to me in the second verse. Instead I think that he is trying to say that he had already gave up on the idea of becoming famous and maybe even on reaching his dreams. This part is very sad I think. Its like the writer is admitting to himself that he had lost his hope to ever become the man he wanted to be all his life and thats why he is stating it as a fact. He explains its because "the sun don't follow me", by using "sun" as the keyword, he could be reffering to 'luck', but I also think that he might be meaning to say 'light'. There is no light in his life or if there is it doesnt stay, it doesnt "follow" him. This could reffer to the fact that he is lonely, and recieves little or no support from the people around him.

    The next verse is my favourite because it's talking about something that the writer feels entirely different about. Likwise in the first verse he is singing with a sense of melancholy. "I wont wake without a song to sing, nothing to some, everything to me" I personally feel very conneceted to this part of the song. This is exactly how i feel. Its like he is saying "I can't live without doing the one thing thats sets my mind free" but i like it better that he is using " i wont" because again he is bluntly stating the fact that he wouldn't survive if he didn't have the ability to write down his thoughts and feelings and sing them. Here he is admitting to be a hopeless artist who has nothing but songs to sing in order to connect to the world and not to feel so lost and lonely. He says that a song may mean " nothing to some" but "everything to me". He is confirming and accepting that he has nothing, that he achieved no wealth or fame throughout his lifetime and that is why singing will always mean everything to him, that is the one thing he has and will never give up on.

    The next verse is again, very upsetting. The more I read it the sader I feel about it. I can also greatly relate to this part of the song. "On my worst I'll do my best to make it seem like I'm happy." This is where I always realsie that he is talking to someone. He wrote this song because he wants that osmeone to understand him even though he knows that he has to pretend to be happy for that person. Maybe he isnt just talking about one person though. Maybe he's talking to multiple people; to his family, to whom he wants to appear as if he's okay, as if he just wants to make them believe that his strong and doesnt want to burden them with his unhappiness. He could be talking to someone who he is in love with, someone who thinks he's strong because he wants her to beleive that everything is okay because he's afraid of her leaving him, because he is afraid that she will give up on him.

    The last verse is very raw, very emotional. This is where he admits that he has already given up on himself. "Ive grown numb, dry as my tear ducts, I've grown dumb, and empty" This part always makes me cry because of the next thing he says. " but don't givee up on me" It's so beautiful, he is in so much pain and he already feels like he has lost his will to go on, he feels numb as he has been hurt so much, and his emotional wounds are so deep that they have cut through his heart, leaving him unable to respond. He admits that he cant face anything anymore, that he has grown emotionless in selfdefence, because he couldnt bare all the hurt he had recieved through his life. He might be trying to explain to someone that he wasnt always like this, he had grown into an unfeeling person because of all the terrible things he had to go through. He can't open up because he is too scared to get hurt again. He had cried so much that his tearducts are dried out because if he cried again he would fall back down again, and he wouldnt be able to get up. So he locks his emotions away. That is why writing songs is so important to him. Thats the only way he can let it all out. He admits that he had become dumb, which means that in a way he has lost himself. He isnt who he was anymore, his foolish actions are runing him, he cant be who he really is and who he wants to be because he had built a wall around him to protect himself. By empty, he could refer to he fact that he is so tired of his life, of everything that he doesnt even have any anger left isnide him but only emptiness as he had completly lost who he used to be, he probably pushed everyone away and has no real relationships. He feels like a shell of his ghost, he feels like he has nothing that his life has no meaning but despite all this, he is still craving for contact, desperatley wishing for someone to udnerstand him and he's silently screaming for help, for someoen to save him from his depression.

    He keeps reapeating: "but don't give up on me" to me it's like he's screaming; "I feel dead, but I want to live!"

    This song is the first song I ever heard of Low Roar and i's one of my favourites. Its so tragic and beautiful. It makes my heart sink, because I can realte to this so much. Everytime I cry, I find myself whispering this song... its just so heart reaking. Loneliness can make you feel so hollow.
    BlueBlissBirdon August 23, 2015   Link
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    General Comment"I won't wake,
    Without a song to sing.
    Nothing to some,
    Everything to me."

    Just, wow.
    Lespaulsmithon August 16, 2015   Link
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    General CommentBeautiful song. Self-explanatory.
    Cirdainon May 29, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionMy feelings is that, the writer is broken hearted, may be someone whom he really love and care is about to be married to another man. His girldfriend left him because his faults, when he realised it was too late for him but he still long for her love...
    sasang1176on October 09, 2016   Link

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