Every night you take your love to your grave. You sleep with one eye
open as you count your numbered days. Frozen cold is the blood in your
veins; years ago you had a soul, now you can never be saved. You fear
you've lost forever what it felt to be alive. There's no place for you
in heaven so you stalk forsaken skies; condemned to walk and haunt the
earth forever alone, you're a stranger amongst friends this place will
never be your home.Howl at the moon, we've watched you take flight.
For years we never saw it happening right before our eyes. Stealing
broken hearts like a thief in the night - I know you need this like
the air you breathe you fucking parasite. You're a ladykiller, twinkle
in your eyes: broken windows to a hopeless soul, you'll languish in
the afterlife. You suck the life from your victims, come sunrise your
gone; the cold light of day corrodes your flesh exposing you for what
you are. You're a monster, the stuff of bad dreams, you feed off of
others nightmare you make my flesh creep. You're a vampire, a
bloodsucker, a leech, a bottom feeder, a vulture, son of a bitch. And
just like the living dead you face reflection with terror. There's
blood on your hands and a corpse in your bed, welcome to your own
worst nightmare: reality. Your self-perception is warped like a
carnival mirror, your introspection's distorted through a prism of
terror. You wear your love like a burial shroud. Entomb your secrets
from the world, six feet under ground. Your howls of anguish become
too loud to ignore, condemned to languish for eternity in purgatory's
stranglehold. Reflect; gaze back into the abyss. In the end the void
becomes your mistress. Surrender to her cold embrace, lament your
heartless existence.

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Love Is A Vampire song meanings
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