Sit down girl we need to talk,
Remember all those times I shared my deepest thoughts
about how sad I was to leave New York?
Well I got a chance to go back
And I ain't tryin' to lead you on or treat you wrong
but I already got a bag of clothes packed
You think a guy like me belongs in a family?
With sky-high dreams of his songs winnin' Grammys
That little boy of yours needs stability
I don't get along with his nanny
and this 40 hours a week is killin' me
Besides I need a children free workspace
Plus I'll take my bills with me
I've been a burden in the first place
And as long as the music dream is still in me
I'll never leave it willingly
I got ta believe I will succeed
And I'll be back for my birthday to stay around my folks
So you'll get to chill with me again some day on down the road
Listen Squeaky, I still wanna be friends
So will you tell the Head Detective that I'll see him on the weekends?

It's not you, it's me and nothing would change that
But what if we could do it again, what would you take back
I think we both lived a lie, I owe little guy
I never told you goodbye, and I probably never should've played dad
It was like Sally never met her Harry
Looking at diamond rings you hoped I would buy
Like we were getting married
If I was only older and wiser
I would've told you to try ta find a real father
instead of a dead beat daddy

What's going on, how have you been, good?
Well I'd love to chat
But I've got lots of stuff to pack
and then I'm gonna have to bounce again
I've found some friends to stay with
who have a house they rent
So if you want the futon, I'll take the couch instead
I'll take the VCR and you can have the DVD
And if you want the Trinitron with the fatter TV screen
You know I hardly ever watched it anyway
'Cause I prefer to use the words if I feel I gotta get away
About the CD's and the tapes, we can talk it out
You don't want me walking out with something you're unsure about
I'll take all of the Doors for now, you can keep the Almond Brothers
Hendrix was my Christmas present, do we need to call my mother?
I want the Otis Redding baby, can't we compromise
Alright, you take all the solo Lennon albums and I want the Sly
The hip hop is mine, keep the r&b and the Grateful Dead
And I'll take the vinyl, you don't own a record player yet
And you'll probably never even get one
It's just a guess, Hun but your baby doesn't want ta be a stepson
So let's come to grips
I'm the same selfish son of a bitch
Who never really even wanted a kid, I'm sorry Squeaky


Yo, I want to take it back, Squeaky
I didn't mean to hurt you
I said some things that weren't true
But I'm childish enough to need a curfew
You should've told me what I needed to hear
About how sad it was that I needed a beer to be at ease with my fears
I know I never listened before
But I've been missin' you more since our divorce
Just say that this isn't war
If you would just give me a call
I know that we can make a deal
And how's the Head Detective?
Can he ride without his training wheels?
Tell him I miss him, tell him I'm sorry
Tell him I didn't mean it when I said I couldn't make it out for his party
Give me another chance, all I need's a rain check
Let's pretend I ain't left
I only hope I haven't missed the train yet
'Cause I ain't slept in weeks
curled in our old sets of sheets
with cold sweat & beads of restless dreams
yes it seems once again, I made a bad choice and it's too late
I found out you engaged your last boyfriend...

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