Every time everybody asks me to freestyle in public
I tell 'em that I can't do it
Because I can't
And so now I'm just gonna prove it to everybody
So that they'll stop asking me to do it, okay?
You know what?
If you ever ask me to freestyle again
This is what you're gonna get bitch
Based freestyle
Based God
Based God good

I know everybody think I get my freckles from the sun
But really every time I kill a bitch, I get another one
I could give a fuck less if you're blood or a crip
I blew all, I'm the princess, read my lip

I'm not a gold star singer, but I am a gold digger
So if you don't like that, you're probably a black guy
That was not good at all)

I'm Princess Fiona, I'm a ogre at night
And if you just wanna dance I'll be as old as you like
'Cause your daddy's going bankrupt
And your momma wears a Sears thong
Fuck with me, I'll pierce your little sister's ears wrong

But it isn't even true, I'm the Lion Queen like Nala
I get a lot of stares when I wear my tiara
And I don't even care, they can glare if they wanna
And yeah I run Claire's, have some glitter for dollars

Don't be scared, I'm not gonna tear your tape yet
I don't wear makeup so yeah I get my face wet
I don't go hard 'cause I don't wanna taste sweat
I stand around the club just to see how heavy the bass gets

Haven't been introduced rightly
But I'm establishing my name slightly
Like LOL, laughing, smiley face
This is silly, are you really rapping, Kitty? Really?

Nah I'm just fuckin' around, all day, and...
(Oh my god, this is so stupid)
Freestyle good
Based God good

Me and Hannah Brick, Nicki Minaj
Big blows and Black Kitty's Delivery Service it's like
Kiki, flier, me, and Joker bitches
Call it one big brew, full of dog bitches

All this shit is off the top of my head
And now I don't even know what the fuck I said
And now we're just sitting here alone
All night, and the hurricane's scaring the shit out of us and
You know what? This is just terrible
I'm stopping it yeah I know
This is just fucking awful
So you know what yeah this is done
I feel like v. nasty right now...

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