"Save Me Once Again" as written by Lauri Yloenen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Aki Hakala and Eero Heinonen....
Like a stone I'll go down
I'm too far to be found
Got no place for the storm
All the love that I found
couldn't turn me around
Drift away all alone

Don't say this is the end
I think I'm lost again

Thank you for your patience
the time that you gave me
I think I never knew
you were trying to save me
Free me from the shadow
that lay on my shoulder
Please don't say it's over, it's over, it's over

I confess I was weak
ot my heart full of greed
Wanted more that I need

I'm standing on the edge
Afraid of emptiness
Don't leave me
I'm begging you my friend

Don't say that it's the end
I think I'm lost again
I'm standing on the edge
Don't leave me
I'm begging you my friend
Save me once again
Would you save me once again
Would you save me once again
Would you save me once again

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    General CommentFirst time I listened to it, I got the feeling that it's a sort of an apology to his parents. But at the same time he's thanking them for what they've done for him.
    Nerozetteon July 02, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is such a beautiful song, you can really get the feeling of nostalgia through Lauri's voice, in the form of a musical sort of apology.

    I think this song is about someone who has been really hurt in the past and has not had the greatest of luck as far as love and relationships go. And then, one day, this person meets someone who's finally genuinely good and has the best of intentions to stick their broken pieces together and pour love into the cracks left by those bitter experiences. However, due to that horrible past, the person is selfish and does awful things that hurt the "good" one, as he is just "protecting" himself because apparently it's easier to have fun with as many people as he possibly can, but never comitting to anybody, so, one day, the good person finally reaches rock bottom and cannot take it anymore, and so, with a very heavy heart, decides to walk away.

    This song, as I see it, is basically an apology to this good-hearted person because now the greedy one can see what they lost. He now realizes all the good things that the other did and how stupid he was for making all those bad choices and choosing risk & inestability over unconditional true love. He is thanking the now-gone one for all the patience and time that gifted to him, because he's fully aware of how tough it was to deal with all that, as well as for providing them with a little bit of light during the past darkest days, even though he wasn't worthy of such thoughtful action. He is now accepting his mistakes and is now whole-heartedly asking the good person to stay, and to say that it isn't over, maybe hoping for a second chance ("would you save me once again?")

    Love The Rasmus!
    LucySixxon July 24, 2016   Link

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