"It's Your Night" as written by Lauri Yloenen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Aki Hakala and Eero Heinonen....
Yesterday is nothing but a heartbreaking lie
Don't wanna breathe but I think you should give it a try
You don't know why but you wonder if he'll ever call
Let it go, can't you see the writings on the wall
It's your heart on the line

If you want some more
Get down on the floor
What you're waiting for?
It's your night
Go and live your life
Just don't turn the knife
Fade into the light
It's your night

Yesterday is nothing but a bad memory
and it's time get rid of it eternally
You're not alone don't you worry about it anymore
The night is yours and I wonder what you're waiting for
It can only get better

It's a heartless life
And it's gone in a minute
So why don't you admit it
It's a cruel cruel world
A cradle of sinners
where the losers are winners

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    My InterpretationTruly love this song. I want to first thank Lauri and the band for writing this song. Thank you for the important life lesson. Now for my interpretation:

    This song is a break up song pure and simple.
    And how love can make you feel broken and defeated.
    You give you all and sometimes it blows up in your face.
    This song describes the aftermath you feel after a break up.
    Yesterday was a heartbreaking lie.
    Wondering if he will ever call and if he still loves you.
    This song tells up NOT to WAIT for LESS than what we deserve.
    Kinda grab life by the balls and go get life.
    Leave the past and past heartbreak behind you
    Life is too short to sell yourself for someone that does not deserve your love
    Its your heart on the line, not the one you are grieving over
    Dont turn the knife on yourself mean to not get bitter, but LOVE AGAIN FULLY
    And live and love again on the dancefloor of life!
    stefaniaczon September 29, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationFrom my point of view, this is about how we've all been hurt in the past (yesterday's nothing but a heartbreaking lie) and how we tend to cling to bad experiences which leads to don't open up when new people that seem to care enough to want to get to know us.
    "It's time to get rid of it eternally" "it can only get better" "and it's gone any minute so why don't you admit it?" These phrases sound like maybe you've reached bottom completely and from now on it can only get better, just like the roller coaster that life itself is. Maybe there's someone that you'd like to get close to but insecurities and demotional scars won't let you open up completely.

    "Go and live your life
    Just don't turn the knife
    Fade into the light
    It's your night"

    Just let go of the past and bad experiences, let your life lighten up again, it's your night.
    LucySixxon January 01, 2014   Link

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